2010.....test on trails!


date 2010 distance/Km time mn/km km/h field
246 - 24/01 Gorbio 11,700 01:04:27 05:30 10.89 hillier
247 - 31/01 Vallauris 14,500 01:26:02 05:56 10.11 hillier
248 - 07/02 Bormes Les Mimosas 30,000 04:58:03 09:56 06,00 trail
249 - 28/02 Hyères 21,100 01:52:46 05:20 11,22 flat
250 - 07/03 Breil sur Roya 19,630 02:42:33 08:16 07,24 trail
251 - 14/03 Mougins 09,600 00:56:21 05:52 10,22 hillier
252 - 21/03 Monaco 21,100 01:53:06 05:21 11,19 flat
253 - 28/03 St Jeannet 10,000 00:52:17 05:13 11,47 hillier
254 - 05/04 Carcès 15,300 01:17:55 05:05 11,78 flat
255 - 11/04 Nice-St Isidore 18,200 01:53:05 06:12 09,65 hillier
256 - 18/04 Marseille 42,195 04:01:09 05:42 10,50 flat
257 - 25/04 La Napoule 52,000 09:29:27 10:57 05,48 trail
258 - 01/05 Cantaron 11,100 01:01:47 05:33 10,77 hillier
259 - 08/05 Crest 65,000 13:47:32 12:43 04,71 trail
260 - 09/05 Crest 42,195 05:59:54 08:31 07,03 trail
261 - 16/05 Belvédère 14,000 01:13:44 05:16 11,39 hillier
262 - 23/05 Cabrières d'Aigues 41,000 06:21:15 09:17 06,45 trail
263 - 05/06 Le Suquet d'Utelle 15,000 02:48:15 11:13 05,34 trail
264 - 06/06 Peillon 11,800 01:11:07 06:01 09,95 hillier
265 - 19/06 Tihany 172,300 27:00:00 09:24 06,38 hillier
266 - 04/07 Luceram 13,200 1:36:56 07:16 08,25 mountain
267 - 10/07 Touët sur Var 17,500 1:52:46 06:26 09,31 trail
268 - 10/07 Contes 10,000 1:02:46 06:16 09,55 hillier
269 - 14/07 Seranon 18,000 2:26:53 08:09 07,35 trail
270 - 18/07 Thiery 11,000 0:59:54 05:26 11,01 mountain
271 - 25/07 La Bonette 27,000 3:30:34 07:47 07,69 mountain
28/08 Levens - Triathlon          
272 - 29/07 Isola 13,000 1:09:30 05:20 11,22 mountain
273 - 05/09 Belvédère 27,230 5:26:25 11:59 05,00 trail
274 - 11/09 Mougins 12,000 1:07:06 05:35 10,73 hillier
12/09 Nice - Aquathlon          
18/09 Antibes - Aquathlon          
275 - 19/09 Cap D'ail 13,200 1:08:58 05:13 11,48 hillier
276 - 25/09 Mandelieu 13,000 1:16:42 05:54 10,16 trail
277 - 25/09 Mandelieu 19,300 2:36:26 08:06 07,40 trail
278 - 26/09 Beaulieu 14,000 1:20:30 05:45 10,43 hillier
279 - 03/10 Antibes 20,000 1:47:31 05:22 11,16 false flat
280 - 10/10 Gorbio 42,000 6:37:06 09:27 06,34 trail
281 - 17/10 St Tropez 16,00 1:16:54 04:48 12,48 flat
282 - 07/11 Monaco 06,300 0:32:36 05:10 11,59 cross
283 - 14/11 Nice-Cannes 42195 4:07:49 05:52 11,21 flat
284 - 27/11 24H Monaco/Equipe 45,000 3:40:00 04:53 12,27 flat
285 - 05/12 Ste Marguerite 08,500 0:42:11 04:57 12,10 cross
286 - 12/12 Ollioules 26,000 4:40:12 10:46 05,56 trail
total races: 41 1052,145 140:49:30 07:12 09,48  

averages:     road:        10,682 km/h

                        trail:        06,669 km/h

                     ultras:        09,325 km/h


246 – 24 January: 12 bornes - Gorbio (06) www.asgorbio.com

the track on Google Earth    my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :11,700 Km                    result: 1h 04 mn 27 s

comment : It takes good habits this  year, and especially the racing fun, and it is one of the first by his friendliness, his seriousness and his unusual race. Record for the organization this year with over 290 participants in a small cool morning. Today I am pleased with a 5km route still down, then a few bumps and a few false flat 700m to finish on slippery stairs over 20 %...... but it was my good training "split" of the week on a campaign trail and freshness ......

247 – 31 January: escapade vallaurienne - Vallauris (06) www.escapadevallauris.org

the track on Google Earth      my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :14,500 Km                    result: 1h 26 mn 02 s

comment : An unusual race today because the snow has appeared on start. A flying downhill and very slippery in places. Regarding the route, always so pleasant and we got a very nice view from the edge Wed covered by snow. I had great difficulty in warm my muscles and my legs were pretty cold about three quarts of course: it was only on the 12th km I started to feel good.... Unfortunely a bit late, but by now that long workout, I lost much speed and it is with nearly 12 minutes more than last year I finished the race: agree there was the disadvantage snow, but this is not the only reason!

For me, right now, this kind of race will be my training "split" of the week...    

248 – 07 February: trail - Bormes Les Mimosas (83) www.va-nu-pieds.fr

the track on Google Earth      my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :30,000 Km                    result: 4h 58 mn 03 s            elevation +: 1876 m

comment : wanting, this year to discover other races, other landscapes, here I am in the Var in full massive Moorish, with a superb view of the massive north side, and south side of the sea with the islands of Porquerolles and Port Cros. All under a beautiful sun, but cool nonetheless.

I knew this race would not be any rest, and I profited. From the outset two fine challenges from second to fifth km , which already leads to a positive of 350m and a first stop saving. Then it is a fast and technical descent to the 12th km with 3 rivers crossing in a fresh water: well knowing that there are still 18 km to go well with shoes wet, it was clear to me that a few bulbs would appear...

The 18 km was fairly complicated because both the technical downhill's rise without any real recovery period, with to close this race, a nice little climb stairs!

A superb race with 3 supplies, a perfect indication of the path, landscape at the top, and an organization smiling..... Really perfect, especially the beer at the finish...

249 – 28 February: half-marathon - Hyères (83)

the track on Google Earth      my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :21,100 Km                    result: 1h 52 mn 46 s     

comment : having lost a lot of speed on my long training, I was not expecting an extraordinary time and it's what has happened. A semi quiet to keep a proper pace on a flat and cool race with little wind!


250 – 07 March: trail des merveilles - Breil sur Roya (06) www.aromsazur.com

the track on Google Earth      my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :19,630 Km                    result: 2h 42 mn 33 s         elevation +: 1307 m

comment : with cold, -4°, it must be crazy to do this trail, and we were over 110 riders in this case..... A trail attacking hard from the start with 880m to drop on a 5km climb with a weather icy cold and some snow flakes. On this passage I didn't force knowing that I could accelerate over the last 15 km more stock, even if the time lost is difficult to overcome.

In comparison last year I gain 5 minutes on the course without having the feeling of having given everything, which is positive for the following year, the trainings, and especially future trails that will be more lengthy and difficult.

251 – 14 March: sentiers de Mougins - Mougins (06) www.sadas06.org

the track on Google Earth      my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :09,600 Km                    result: 56 mn 21 s    

comment : First edition for this race "nature" on the trail of Mougins in the forest of Valmasque, and a great success for the organization with over 240 riders on a fast and technical course that we all enjoyed with beautiful small climbs that broke out the thighs, but also a technical descent that could deserve to wear trail shoes. In addition, the sun was there, so a beautiful morning and thanks to the organization for the discovery of these pathways.

252 – 21 March: half-marathon - Monaco (MC) www.monacomarathon.org 

the track on Google Earth      my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :21,100 Km                    result: 1h 53 mn 06 s    

comment : Can not hold its annual marathon, crossing France and Italy, causes of regional elections in France, Monaco decided to organize a half-marathon in the Principauté as flat as possible, which is still a good feat. 2 loops between the districts of Monte Carlo and Fontvieille, with 2 smill climbs that prevent any hope of record..... but a pleasant race in which you can visit Monaco and a finish in the stadium.

253 – 28 March: foulées des Baous - St Jeannet (06) www.ensemble-avec-benoit.com

the track on Google Earth      my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :10,000 Km                    result: 52 mn 17 s    

comment : A race to raise awareness about bone marrow donation and platelets, which brought together more than 500 riders on the 2 distances (10 and 5 km) plus a beautiful walk in solidarity.

On this pleasant Sunday morning, it's a new circuit we discover, halfway road, halfway forest road, somewhat hilly, and particularly well secured.

This new course is a little tricky, because initially it's a a long descent and then a dish that has grown into a good pace, but then it is a series of small bumps, and there begins the real effort and failures to those who gave their all to start..... fortunately for some, 4 water points was on the circuit..... To top it all, the end is a 1,5 km climb where nothing should be let go, where we hurt, but so  nice!

Bravo to the organization for this course well thought out, and remember, the donation of bone marrow or platelets is very little for a life saved.

254 – 05 april: tour du lac - Carcès (83)

the track on Google Earth      my race on Googlemaps                        distance :15,300 Km                    result: 1H 17 mn 55 s    

comment : Now a habit of coming to this very pleasant race. A flat fast course on road around a lake with a gentle sun. What fun, as every year, to spend the day at Carcès with a nice welcome of the organization.

255 – 11 april: ronde des collines - Nice St Isidore (06) www.spiridon-cote-azur.com

the track on Google Earth      my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :18,200 Km                    result: 1H 53 mn 05 s    

comment : More than 800 participants and a mix but enjoyable weather for running.

Today it was not for me a race, but a training and fun in the Nice hills to discover the landscapes and especially its vineyards overlooking the AOC Bellet wine along with our Minister and Mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi who still has good pace for the short time he can spend for training.

It starts from the bottom of the hills with a good climb and a few steps of stairs that leads to the first stop in the winery after the first 4km and 230m in altitude. Then it's some small false-flat, crossing neighbourhood residents on the edge of the road that we encourage, which is rare, then it's a nice downhill in a valley with again some stairs.... the km pass by, as the stop for water and also tasting wine that avoids for us, the atmosphere is festive with a good part of the runners in disguise, and we arrived at the halfway mark and the first wall with 400m long and 60m altitude: recovery, mountain walking pace and it left for 4km of a beautiful descent....

We are at km 14, at the foot of the second and final wall, but this time it is 1,2km long and 130 altitude, which I crossed in tiny strides while my running companion walking at a good mountaineer pace and both the same speed!

This is the last stop for water, always in a vineyard, and the descent towards the finish where we expected a good meal composed with specialities of Nice: Finally, one little taste of Wine!


256 – 18 april: marathon - Marseille (13) www.marseillemarathon.fr

the track on Google Earth      my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :42,195 Km                    result: 4H 01 mn 09 s    

comment : Discovery of this new marathon of Marseille for a new route. We are around 3000 runners, and firstly it's start with a downhill route on Canebière to reach the Vieux-Port and began an outline of the second district with a first small bump at the exit of the port. After a long straight to Castellane and Prado we move on to the seafront and have a passage in the Borely park. Now we reach the half-marathon and we go back to the Vieux-Port along the sea on the Pharo where small bumps enchainent which doesn't help runners. New crossing the Vieux-Port at the 30th km, and finally a goog public atmosphere that allowed a lot of riders to raise, and here we are in the direction of Estaque for a round trip of 11 km, quite bumpy, for an arrival on Vieux-Port.

The supplies were sufficient, a shame to have wasted do many bottles, cups would have been enough, and the sunny weather was perfect because not too hot.

For my part I did a good split on the half-marathon with 1h40mn, and after a quietly jogging along the sea, the Vieux-Port and Estaque.

257 – 25 april: ultra trail des balcons d'azur - Mandelieu-La Napoule (06) www.traildazur.com

the track on Google Earth      my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :52,000 Km                    result: 9H 29 mn 27 s            elevation +: 2400 m

comment : Unable to finish this trail last year due to sprain in the 20th km, I had to do it again and finally discover the route.

Not knowinf very well the Esterel hills and trails, I was charmed by the beauty of its landscapes, even if the "trip" was not easy.

The first part was fairly quiet and put in good legs to climb the Col des Trois Termes and the Pic de l'Ours, because not too technical and it was easy to run quietly without risk, in descent, to knock on stones.

Then it was a bit more complicated:

First, I made the mistake of taking only few fruit pulp as supplies on the course, thinking that I'll find dried fruits, bananas and others, but there were only liquid....

Then came the ascent and descent of the Pic du Cap Roux filled with stones, and therefore impossible to find a rhythm, which was even more tiring....

On the 30th km I was given a snack, all my fault, I was a little off the legs, and there I was really ready to stop the charges, but fortunately, a few miles farther on, a charming firewoman offered me an apple that helped me to confront the last major difficulty which was the climb of Notre Dame, ridden by the petites Grues and Grosses Grues, which are over an escalation than a trail, for end with the Col de la Cadière.

Phew, finished the climbing rocky, here I am on a beautiful trail of 4 km downhill where I resume a jogging pace by doubling some competitors who find it difficult to walk on the descent. I sympathize, It's hard to start again on jogging pace, the muscles worked in a different way for fre hours, and myself I clenches fists and teeth to don't stop, because I try to limit the damage of lost time.....

Ok, a last little climb that I pass safely on jogging pace and it trots down to the port of La Rague and the arrival by beach and some stairs....

The legs have taken a lot of shock today, the skin a lot of sun, and eyes full of pictures: pleasure has finally been won on the effort!

258 – 01 may: course du muguet - Cantaron (06) www.aromsazur.com

the track on Google Earth      my race on Googlemaps


                        distance :11,100 Km                    result: 1H 01 mn 47 s    

comment : A quiet race on this Saturday, May 1, story aired muscles with a race of one third part of road and two thirds more stony.

A simple race with a beautiful 6 km uphill, 1km with a little flat, then 4 km down, and under the rain..... of course, it would be too easy otherwise, it must bea little bit sliding....

Good ventilation and a pleasure to meet friends road racers!

259 – 08 may: aventuriers de la Drôme - Crest (26) www.challenge-hero.com

the track on Google Earth part1      my race on Googlemaps part1

the track on Google Earth part2      my race on Googlemaps part2

                        distance :65,000 Km                    result: 13H 47 mn 32 s                    elevation +: 3200 m

comment : More specialist on road I start a busy weekend with the idea of the first 100 km of trail and to chain the next day a marathon on trail (maratrail), all in a beautiful green landscape. Start is at 3.30 am down the stairs of the tower of Crest. Then it's a little easier through the forest on easy paths, climbs up and down, but I manage to find a good pace of 9km/h without suffering too much, although some are more climbs or less with your hands until the first big challenge at the 26th km where there is no longer playing: a nice little climb of 10 km with an elevation of 700m which leads us on a ridge and a beautiful scenery. It had to earn this view, and I drooled over well over two hours. The descent will be in a little over an hour to as much elevation but only 7 km, and legs really starting to hurt....

A quick massage in the fountain on the corner and I am ready to two other bumps which seem smaller, but equally hard to reach the refuelling of the 52nd km and a good beer comfort.

I see the scroll time already spent in 9.00 and I still have 13 km to reach the famous village od Saillans. This seems feasible in 3 hours maximum, but it was not counting the last bump I attack when my GPS tells me 1 km to reach the village. Nope, a small error in the measurement organization and a willingness to show us a splendid passage for 980m and 500m vertical drop (ooops), I also cling to trees to climb because it is raining and very slippery, then a passage on the ridge just as slippery and endless zigzag descent makes me lose more than an hour and a half added about 5 km on the clock.

Finally, here Saillans, and exposure time appreciated.

I still have 35 km, beginning with 1300m in altitude to about 15 km, it looks pretty sweet, but seeing the ten runners who preceded me throw the towel, the top of mountains disappearing into the clouds with great anticipation rain, and thought to be the last to continue, given the barriers hours, and then to finish eight to nine hours later, I decided not to risk an accident in the dark, cold, rain, continuing alone.

A small regret, my colleague Christian arrived 20 minutes after me, just before the watershed, and would have continued as a duo... but too late to go back, I was already in the shuttle back.... Grrrr!

260 – 09 may: maratrail - Crest (26) www.challenge-hero.com

the track on Google Earth      my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :42,195 Km                    result: 5H 59 mn 54 s                    elevation +: 1316 m

comment : After the slight disappointment of the day, waking at 5.30 for start at 8 am. Of the 30 runners entered in two races, we are only 13 to start, some who have completed the day before (hat), and with a smile.

The departure is quieter, even stock, and I take pleasure in finding myself a bit of asphalt roads and fairly easy, but it lasted only 8 km.... hihihihi!

And we go for a little climb. Today it seems a little easier, the supplies are just 5 km is a good benchmark for small targets between each of them.

I arrive at the 20th km and the route we reach the half-marathon started two hours later, they themselves are on the 3rd km, all fresh, it is complicated to run and climb on a narrow road with a pack that doubles, but good, the incentives are there and here is fun.

After 5 km climb it separates, it is a descent to Cobonne (did yesterday - wonderful!) for a great recovery and a loop to the point of separation, recovery brittle enough I have to say, but still a dream landscape!

More than 10 km and a great descent though furrowed by the rain, mud, and one more small ridge, just to finish in under 6.00, I make a quick sprint in the last 3 km to 13km/h at risk of being trampled by crossing the tower of Crest and slippery stairs to finish in the gym.


A weekend well filled with these two races, but also a happy weekend with a top organization with volunteers who are always despite the fatigue, not an error in marking the course, and especially a common passion. Thank you to Jack Peyrard for this jogging weekend that everyone could share with different distances (12km, 21km, 42km, 65km, 100km), and for those do not know, please take appointment for 2011!

A thanks also to Photogone (www.photogone.net ) for his magnificent pictures.

261 – 16 may: 14 km - Belvédère (06) www.aromsazur.com

the track on Google Earth      my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :14,000 Km                    result: 1H 13 mn 44 s          

comment : This is how I appreciate the races in villages: a small race the morning, and a good picnic at noon between riders. This happened on sunday in the hinterland of Nice, and we had a very pleasant time as a postcard.

On this race I did a good split just to see if I still keep a good speed, and finally it was pretty well with 10 minutes less than last year on the same course, and a great pleasure to the last 5 kilometers of which steep climb (see profile of the race).

Next week another trail just to confirm!

262 – 23 may: trail du grand Luberon - Cabrières d'Aigues (84) www.caval-pertuis.com 

the track on Google Earth      my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :41,000 Km                    result: 6H 21 mn 15 s          elevation +: 2200 m

comment : In my desire to discover new landscapes, this weekend was a visit in the Luberon with a trail on the Grand Luberon and stunning views. The race is quite physical with an initial difficulty in the first 7 km to grow up the famous Mourre Nègre located at 1130m altitude, but with a well worn path and stable. The aftermath was a little rocky descents both on the climb, but with pleasant landscapes which make you forget the fatigue, to arrive at the 24th km and single fuelling strong in the village of Auribeau inhabited by 53 residents and at least one cat (see picture).

These supplies are a small feast in the village, with music, sombreros and volunteers to fuss over you: you want to stay there to enjoy it, but there is still 17 km to go and a second rise of 4km to the Mourre Nègre for an elevation of 600m.

Then it is 2 km along the mountain ridge on a Russian version, and the final of 9 km descent to Cabrières d'Aigues will be on a path sometimes quite steep, sometimes flat to arrive in the village by the stairs to spice the final.

Another nice trail despites the sweltering heat, which ended the day after by visiting the vineyards of the region!

263 – 05 june: trail de la Peïra - Le Suquet d'Utelle (06) www.traildelapeira.com

the track on Google Earth    my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :15,000 Km                    result: 2h 48 mn 15 s            elevation+: 1359m

comment : As every year the association La Peïra gives us a day of pure fun with a trail in the Vesubie valley to provide a tandem-ski for children of the Rossetti institute. A race always pleasant but also difficult with the first 3 km for a climb of 700m, and this year the heat didn't really help.

It doesn't matter, because the pleasure of being together over 400 participants for this day was the principal, and the organization was still perfect..... Those who were not there, really need to take an appointment for next year!

I invite you to discover the race on the site of the association www.traildelapeira.com .

264 – 06 june: Monta Cala - Peillon (06)

the track on Google Earth    my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :11,800 Km                    result: 1h 11 mn 07 s 

comment : Following the trail of yesterday, this race was more a recovery and also a fun to run with friends. A tricky race with, first, a false flat down of 2 km, then it's a gradual ascent of 7 km and an ascent which becomes difficult to complete with almost 15%.

Then you must give all with 500m of descent in trail version (pebbles and small curves) and the rest on road.

Small friendly race that ends by a lunch with between friends!

265 – 19 june: Ultrabalaton - Tihany (Hungary) www.ultrabalaton.hu

the track on Google Earth - part01    my race on Googlemaps - part01

the track on Google Earth - part02    my race on Googlemaps - part02

                        distance :172,300 Km                    result: 27h 00 mn 00 s 

comment : A 212km race I was waiting impatiently for which I had prepared: a small flat, anyway, I'm starting with a burst and a stuffy nose....

 It all starts with a very leisurely pace of 10,5 km/h, thinking to breathe despite my feverish state. I feel good, the weather is nice....

I can link the km until the 36th when a flick of my displays: I am off again and I firmly refuels a little better. My average dropped with this decision, I try to wind km per km, but each feeding makes me lose a little more every time, and of course I can't ignore.

Too bad, the whole thing to finish and have fun, so I reduced my pace and take full advantage of the course. The first marathon is past after 5 hours, the second in 10h 40mn, and it finally break with a good hot soup to start the night.

I reach the midpoint in 12 hours 10 minutes, and morale is good, although I am beginning to feel the left Achilles tendon that is starting to wake up and make me limp. So I decided to stop for a long deep massage.

The night passed quietly at a speed of 6 km/h, I am fortunate to have a team of leaders who strongly support me with Christian who is with me from time to time and therefore requires me to run, and Anne-Marie and Cecile involved supplies.

This part of the route is monotonous with long straight flat: it has a way to get bored and fall asleep, even if from time to time I pass through villages led by night bars or more customers. At least tipsy.... morning I refreshed the legs in the lake and gives me a massage for the second attempt to pass the pain of the tendon, and the road continues..... always as flat and monotonous!

Several races are on the course with a relay on two days, and I'm getting doubled by the start of the second day with riders running at nearly 20 km/h: a blow to morale. Fortunately some still encourages me.

10:00 am: this is 24 hours as I run and I reach the refueling pointed at 151,800 km. The average has really fallen, the tendon reminder to me, but the goal now is to finish.

The rain made its appearance, but it's pretty fluid, I cover myself, I run, I run.... The supply of 167 km passes, I continue after a coffee.

The deluge comes, it's a veritable torrent of water on the head as on the road: 10 minutes I stopped under a tree to protect myself, but as this continues I resume the race.

Hell, my legs are frozen, my tendon is becoming more and more present, and arrived at the refueling of 172,300 km, I prefer to preserve the tendon and stop....

A great race, pit stops every 5 km short of coffee, volunteers at the top, a pleasant course out of traffic at 80% even if I do not like the long straights, go ahead, it's really nice!

For the video of the race click here

266 – 04 july: Luceram - Peïra Cava (06)

the track on Google Earth    my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :13,200 Km                    result: 1h 35 mn 56 s 

comment : Now I am racing just for training and be with my friends runners.

Today was a beautiful hill to climb with a D+ of 876m. A rise in a quiet enough heat stifling, but it passes quietly even if it is not the best time that I did on this course.

The must of this race is the host organization and the post-race meal at the top on the town square shaded by trees.

267 – 10 july: le trèfle - Touët sur Var (06) www.aromsazur.com

the track on Google Earth    my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :17,500 Km                    result: 1h 52 mn 46 s             elevation+: 600m

comment : Well, today it's 2 races to go and I start the morning by the trail of Touët which is the first edition: not many runners at the start (around forty), but we must always support this kind of initiative. The course is entirely on forest with a D+ of 600m to be done on a single ascent of 7,5 km, then it is a descent of 10 km fairly rolling.

As I had decided I'm racing in training and I go quietly, knowing, moreover, that the climb will be long. Strangely I find myself alone in front for 1 km with a good fifty meters ahead. I know that it won't continue so I take the benefit.... Next it's a group of fivers runners who doubled me and I don't even try to follow them: I keep my pace.

After 3 km of climb, it's 2 other runners, including the first woman, that join me, then another, and at the 5th km it's two more.....I figure, I'm 11th, and I tell myself that I finally may be have a chance to hang a podium in class of my age.

The climb is completed in an hour, there is still 10 km of descent and the competitive spirit takes over: I attack the descent by accelerating gradually, I will have a max speed of 16,5 km/h and finally stabilize between 12 and 13 km/h. After 2 km I pass two competitors and continue my descent. The descent starts typing in the thighs, but still I extend my stride as one of the runners that I passed is in the same category of age as me and I want to keep my chances.....

Finally I will finish 9th of the race and 3rd in my category: not too bad, and my first podium in running race, that sounds weird.... hihihihi!

Note that we had a great welcome of the organization, a race to remember for the future in this valley of the Var.

268 – 10 july: les foulées - Contes (06) http://www.wix.com/Running/Les-Foulees-Contoises

the track on Google Earth    my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :10,000 Km                    result: 1h 02 mn 46 s 

comment : After the podium in the morning, here I am on this 10 km (5 km climb, 4 km descent, and 1 km flat) with little ambition: just to participate for this feast of running.

A very nice climb under 33 degrees which uses the body, especially because I had not really eaten after the trail in the morning, and it is in the descent I started to falter: tired legs and some disturbances sight made me slow down and drink as much as possible to avoid any accident..... A friend staying with me to finish this race, but, I promise, I will eat more in the future.

269 – 14 july: trail des monts d'azur - Seranon (06) www.aoma.fr

the track on Google Earth    my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :18,000 Km                    result: 2h 26 mn 53 s              elevation+: 826m

comment : Each trail is different and that's what makes the charm of this kind of race. This one is a fairly technical trail with a departure on a first ascent of 1,7 km to take over 222m in altitude: normally a quiet ascent but the worry is that we were almost 200 runners at the start and the passage was only for one person, so it's difficult to take his pace in the middle of runners who already walk after 500m of race; So I try to find space between the cliff and precipice to win some place at the head of the race, but thay are already gone.

Arriving at the top of this climb, it's now a little technical descent on 2 km to lose 249m and a trail of false-flat of 5 km which allows you to grab a good pace, unlike for some other runners who seem to have already tired legs....

At the 9th km the serious stuff begins with a climb of 3,8 km for an elevation of 575m with portions of 20% on large stones where the hands help to rise.

Now just 5,2km to finish on a descent really technical: have to take care and a good look at each pebble to avoid a fall, and I'm happy to do this descent in  only 35mn.

A good effort over 1000m in altitude along the Napoleon road in a mountain landscape below 25 degrees, and the pleasure of a meal after the race in an field offered by the organization.

270 – 18 july: la ronde - Thiery (06)

the track on Google Earth    my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :11,000 Km                    result: 59 mn 54 s

comment : Nice little race that this "ronde de Thiery", which, this year, celebrates its 10th anniversary. A race of 5,300 km of climb and then it is a dizzying descent through woods and path to which we must still be careful at every step to avoid stumbling over a stone or root. A good job for me over 1000m altitude, where I found gradually to feel well on climb with a faster pace.

271 – 25 july: ascension du col de La Bonette - St Etienne de Tinée (06)

the track on Google Earth    my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :27,000 Km                    result: 3h 30mn 34s

comment : As every year and for the fourth time, I'm here on the climb of the Col de La Bonette with a departure at 1150m of altitude to reach the top at 2802m for 27km, making it the highest road of Europe.

I love this race for its scenery changing throughout the road, the cries of marmots and sheep embellish the whole. Not having a lot of speed, I'm not trying to beat a record, but rather to have fun and keep my training of long distance. So just fun, meeting other riders and not too tired. What happiness!

28 August: triathlon sprint - Levens (06)

the running track on Google Earth    my race on Googlemaps

the cycling track on Google Earth   

                        distance :4,7 km running / 18 km cycling / 200 m swimming                    result: 1h 23mn 18s  (22mn 57s run / 53mn57s cycle / 06mn 24 swim)

comment : Friends embarked me on my first triathlon to test this sport that I juge beautiful and difficult.

This specific triathlon is done in reverse beginning with the running, then cycling, finishing with 200m in a swimming pool.

We were about 200 runners for this race with a start and a finish at the top of the village.

A fast start for the running race that begins with a beautiful descent of more than 1 km that I am at around 16 km/h, then a small bump, then down again to reach at mid-term and a nice climb of nearly 10% who takes us through the village to get to our starting point at the bikes park.

While most of runners change their shoes, I just have to put my helmet and go, because I had not a road bike but a mountain bike of 15kg. The first km are ideal for this full weight and downhill, but after it's a bit tricky on the flat with unsuitable developments, the position on the bike, and, of course, weight. But it's okay, it's just for the fun!

The track for the bike is nice on small roads alternating descent with some turns really techniques, and then flat, to finish on a climb of 8 km where I am right to be overcome fairly regularly: that's normal.

Arrived at the bikes park, I take off my clothes and run on the asphalt to the pool: 200m is not long, it's a spint. The first 50 meters I alternate swimming and apnea to pass a dozen of competitors, then it's a pleasure to swim until the end where I can really give everything.... Too bad for cycling, but it was a very good experience that I probably do it again!

272 – 29 August: le louch - Isola (06)

the track on Google Earth    my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :13,000 Km                    result: 1h 09mn 30s  

comment : Always a good race without car in the forest. A descent of 2 km in depth to attack the climb for 5 km, which hurts, but you ,find your rhythm and it's gonna, and after careful ankles because the descent is rough and fast on a rocky ground with "sharp bends in hair".... A good slogging after the triathlon yesterday, and surprise, I do 2 minutes less than 3 years ago.... really surprised, and happy of course!

273 – 05 September: trail per cami - Belvédère (06) www.aromsazur.com

the track on Google Earth    my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :27,230 Km                    result: 5h 26mn 25s  

comment : It's always a great pleasure to do run this trail even though it is difficult, but so beautiful!

Despite the small distance of this race, this trail never start fast because we are attacking at once an elevation gain of 1744m for just over 12km: the slope is quite high.

This year I went quietly and I also lost 30 minutes on the first rise, compare to last year, then finish the race normally, at my jogging speed, in small steps.

274 – 11 September: la mouginoise- Mougins (06)

the track onr Google Earth    my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :12,000 Km                    result: 1h 07mn 06s  

comment: A small pleasant cross country on this Saturday afternoon in the forest with the usual difficulties on stony roads. It's always a pleasure to participate at this family race to raise money for helping children living with a rare disease, and especially to support their families.


12 September: Aquathlon - Nice (06)

                        distance :300m swim + 1500m run x 3 times                    result: 45mn 55s  

commentaire : My second experience in this discipline where chained swimming and running three times, and I really enjoyed. The fact of having finished in mid-table I was happy, because I am not a specialist of that, and it was a very fast race chaining the two disciplines. The first two runs were more an appetizer to feel my muscles a bit and tried to give all in the last round of swimming and running.

Maybe I should have done better, but already, the fact to finish with really no fatigue was my first goal. An experience to rebuild very soon!

18 September: Aquathlon - Antibes (06)

                        distance :400m swim + 1500m run x 3 times                    result: 50mn 58s  

comment : I start to be really fan of the discipline of aquathlon, and this time there were over 100m in swimming and a rocky terrain to run along the "Fort Carré", so harder. A pleasure again to do this race at the end of the afternoon with a calm sea, althouh I'm not the best who themselves are real rockets.

275 – 19 September: tour pedestre - Cap d'Ail (06)

the track on Google Earth    my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :13,200 Km                    result: 1h 08mn 58s  

comment : After the aquathlon of yesterday I am here this time in running on a track that I know at the border of Monaco by the sea, but on a race not really flat chained also nice climbs, stairs anda clear path gravel. In short, a good mix for legs in bright sunshine. My goal was to do better than last year, and, surprise, it's with almost 6 minutes less I crossed the finish line... A race that give me a good feeling, I think I win a bit of speed, and it's good!

Note the quality of the race that makes us first a loop on the Monaco's port of Fontvieille, around the stadium Louis II, then we take the way along the sea to attack the famous climbs with stairs not really regulars, and we fall directly again on along the sea after raids and even stairs.

perfect organization which offers for free to riders and accompanying a good meal on the beach after the race.... happiness!

276 25 September: free ride classic - Mandelieu-La Napoule (06) www.classicmandelieu.org

the track on Google Earth    my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :13,000 Km                    result: 1h 16mn 42s  

comment : As last year I am engaged on the two trails of Mandelieu.

The first race starts at 4pm under a beautiful sun. The track is still changing with a start on the sand, plus stairs during 3 km, then we really start the trail for 5 km and still a beautiful view on the bay of Cannes.

Back on the tarmac by stairs that make us go through the village, which is 5 km of flat road around the marina and still sore legs after the efforts in the hill. I do not come out too badly with 5 minutes less than last year which was my goal.

A small supply, a dip in the sea to relax legs, and I'm ready for the second race.....

277 – 25 September: trail des illuminés - Mandelieu-La Napoule (06) www.classicmandelieu.org

the track on Google Earth    my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :19,300 Km                    result: 2h 36mn 26s  

comment : 8pm: departure of this night-trail that begins, as in the afternoon, with 3 km of sand and stairs and we start to climb. Everything goes well, I keep the same pace as this afternoon, despite the extra vigilance to be on the night. The peloton stretches slowly, and, suddenly, I find myself alone in the night/ I prefer that to better understand the track into the night.

After 6 km I arrive on some tarmac down to join another hill, and which I do not pay attention to tags, I take the wrong road. It's only 1 km after that I realized my mistake and I must go up this slope of 10%. This is a blow to morale and legs that makes me lose a good quarter of an hour!

Back on the path, I find myself with the end of the race and I think I have to give everything on the next ascent of 2km at 10% to catch up some times.

It's 5 or 6 competitors that I double over that part, a small stop to refuel to begin the descent I just climbed.

The race is a round trip, I still have a bump and a technical descent to do, then it's the last 3 km between tarmac, stairs and sand where I try to limit the damage..... A shame, 17 minutes more than last year, I had to do not take the wrong path!

278 – 26 September: boucles berluganes - Beaulieu sur Mer (06)

the track on Google Earth    my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :14,000 Km                    result: 1h 20mn 30s  

comment : After a short night, here I am on the last race of the weekend: the legs seem to respond, but beware....

This race is composed of two identical loops with 2 climb of 1,5 km at 10%.

The first loop went well but I feel not really able to hold a fast pace, so, to finish not too bad, I reduced my speed, mainly in the second climb, and I finish the race not too tired after the accumulation of the two trails of yesterday.

I like to run long, but not with the various accelerations that I made during this weekend, and the body has responded well: that's good!

279 – 03 October: courir pour une fleur - Antibes (06)

the track on Google Earth    my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :20,000 Km                    result: 1h 47mn 31s  

comment : Always a nice race for this 31st edition, and still many runners with over 4000 participants between the two distances 10 and 20 km, plus the various races for children.

A pleasure to run on Cap d'Antibes along the sea with, of course, the presence of the sun, but also a bit of wind just to add some spice on the race.....

Two loops of 10km with, on each one, 2 hill to climb which used legs a bit.

Both distances start together and therefore sets a sustained speed. For my part I do my run quietly with a first loop at 12km/h, and the second at 10,5km/h, which allows me to finish without fatigue in a decent time, especially after a week of heavy cold.

280 – 10 October: trail - Gorbio (06) www.asgorbio.com

the track on Google Earth    my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :42,000 Km                    result: 6h 37mn 06s  

comment : Still a beautiful race this trail of Gorbio which makes us discover beautiful paths above Menton with sea views, then on the valley of Paillon and Castillon, and finish around St Agnès, the Maginot line, and the famous summit of Baudon that does not let pass easily.

First rise in 50mn to the col of Madone, easy, quiet, then this is the first descent which starts: at the 11th km I have a sprained on the left foot, at the 13th it's on the right foot (not jealous): I continue whileit's hot until the 17th, but at the second rise over ankles and thus a slowdown!

Second descent (false flat) between the 23rd and the 33rd km: it happen easily to a good average, and I caught few competitors, but the ascent and descent of Bauron at the end of the race where fatal for ankles, because very technical on unstable rocks, and I focused on physical.... a shame..... Now I have a double left ankle: thanks ice!

281 – 17 October: saint tropez classic - Saint-Tropez (83) www.sainttropezclassic.fr

 the track on Google Earth   my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :16,000 Km                    result: 1h 16mn 54s  

comment : It's been a while since I had not felt so good running at a good pace (for me, of course!), without seeming to put me up, especially I still pain on my ankle from sprain last week I had strapped before start.

The race is nice with 3 different loops, crossing the harbor, the hold town and a small climb around the citadel before going near the beach with long straights on a false flat that allows you to give a faster pace, to arrive in the city center.

More than 800 riders between the two distances (9,3 km and 16 km), despite a sunny morning freshness and a very good atmosphere at the finish: perfect for a Sunday in Saint-Tropez without the usual car congestion of the summer!

282 – 07 Novembre: Cross du Larvotto - Monaco (mc) www.fma.mc   

the track on Google Earth    my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :06,300 Km                    result: 32mn 36s  

comment : After 20 days of forced outage (sprained repair), I come back quietly with this race that makes me a cardio work on a circuit of 1600m with 100m on the beach and a sand well unstable. A race fore each category, a circuit ultimately flat and fast with the small side brittle sand that is well work the thighs. I enjoyed this race, even if the distance is short, weather was also very enjoyable and my time right before the marathon next week.

283 – 14 Novembre: Marathon des Alpes-Maritimes - Nice-Cannes (06) www.marathon06.com

the track on Google Earth    my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :42,195 Km                    result: 4h 07mn 49s  

comment : A little disappointed with my time in the marathon, but ultimately it is logical and realistic, especially with only one training in 1 month (due to a large strain). I tried to approach closer to 3h30, taking the pace until the 30th km, but, I have not really this speed in the legs since a long time, a cramp appeared.... so I ended slowly (to avoid the worst) as a jogging in a time of 4h 07' 48" (twenty minutes more than last year!), and finally I could continue at this pace for another marathon.... hihihihi!

284 – 27/28 November: 24h / NoFinishLine - Monaco (mc) www.nofinishline.com

the track on Google Earth    my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :45,000 Km                    result: 3h 40mn

comment : A first for me to run a 24h in a team: and it's very nice!

Contract nearly as the last torchbearer (we were 6): 45km in 3h 40mn provided 50km in 4h, but it must be said that the weather was not really with us for a better performance: rain, wind, cold.... here are the vagaries of the race!

Thanks to my partners who made me discover another way to run: as a team, united for a common goal, and to our coaches present all along to support us, and especially Maïe who join me after a working day and did not sleep all night!

Result: 282 km and first!

285 – 05 December: cross des Iles / Ile Ste Marguerite - Cannes (06) www.athle-cannes.com

the track on Google Earth    my race on Googlemaps

                        distance :08,500 Km                    result: 42mn 11s

comment : Rain, cold, mud: here are the ingredients of this cross on Ile Sainte Marguerite (near Cannes)! A race not really difficult, we just have to don't think about weather....(smile)....for my part, quite happy about my speed I thought I hasd lost!

286 – 12 December: trail of Christmas - Ollioules (83) http://traildenoel.free.fr/presentation.html

the track on Google Earth01    my race on Googlemaps

the track on Google Earth02


                        distance :26,000 Km                    result: 4h 40mn 12s

comment : The final race of the year on full sun: that's nice! Running this Christmas trail is mostly a pleasure to share with 1200 runners, so I dressed as "King mage" to discover this course very rocky and technical.

26km without rest, with magnificent views, rocks a little less, but mounted memorable: that's the things I remember, but also an organization on top and always a smile for each competitor.

A popular race for the enjoy of all and provides a challenge team (2 runners)!



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