date 2011 distance/Km time mn/km km/h field
01/01 Deslagging Eve          
287 - 23/01 Gorbio 11,700 01:01:21 00:05:14 11,44 hillier
288 - 30/01 Vallauris 14,500 01:14:22 00:05:07 11,70 hillier
289 - 06/02 Nice-Monaco 19,600 01:36:49 00:04:56 12,14 hillier
290 - 13/02 Casterino 11,500 01:10:00 00:06:05 09,85 trail
291 - 20/02 Cannes 21,100 01:40:58 00:04:47 12,53 flat
292 - 26/02 Valberg 09,000 01:06:47 00:07:25 08,08 trail
293 - 06/03 breil sur Roya 20,000 02:37:14 00:07:51 07,63 trail
294 - 13/03 Mougins 10,000 00:55:56 00:05:35 10,74 cross
295 - 20/03 Vintimille-Monaco 23,827 02:17:36 00:05:46 10,40 hillier
296 - 03/04 Nice St Isidore 18,200 01:58:20 00:06:30 09,18 hillier
297 - 17/04 Nice 21,100 01:55:57 00:05:31 10,86 flat
298 - 23/04 Brest 14,000 01:18:39 00:05:37 10,68 trail
299 - 30/04 Cantaron 14,200 02:02:18 00:08:36 06,96 trail
300 - 01/05 Vence 11,800 01:19:16 00:06:43 08,93 hill
301 - 08/05 L'Escarene 25,000 03:20:04 00:08:00 07,49 trail
302 - 14/05 Crest 71,000 13:50:00 00:11:41 05,13 trail
303 - 15/05 Crest 43,000 06:34:57 00:09:11 06,53 trail
304 - 28/05 Blausasc 18,000 02:23:49 00:08:19 07,20 trail
305 - 02/06 Gourdon 12,500 01:10:07 00:05:36 10,69 hill
306 - 04/06 Le Suquet d'Utelle 15,000 02:12:11 00:08:48 06,80 trail
307 - 08-11/06 Antibes 353,260 72:00:00 00:12:14 04,90 flat
308 - 26/06 La Colmiane 24,000 03:54:37 00:09:46 06,13 flat
309 - 03/07 Luceram 13,500 01:16:45 00:05:41 10,55 hill
310 - 03/07 Biot 08,000 00:40:30 00:05:03 11,85 hillier
311 - 09/07 Contes 10,200 00:50:12 00:04:55 12,19 hillier
312 - 17/07 Thiery 11,000 00:56:25 00:05:07 11,69 hill
313 - 27/07 La Bonette 27,000 03:19:28 00:07:23 08,12 hill
314 - 30/07 Aspremont 21,500 02:17:53 00:06:24 09,35 trail
315 - 07/08 Touët sur Var 17,100 01:39:24 00:05:48 10,32 trail
316 - 14/08 Valbonne 08,000 00:37:47 00:04:43 12,70 hillier
317 - 28/08 Isola 13,000 01:05:02 00:05:00 11,99 hill
318 - 04/09 Belvédère 18,200 02:17:38 00:07:33 07,92 trail
319 - 10 au 25/09 PRT 1184,568 15d 5h 43mn     various
320 - 02/10 Antibes 20,000 01:38:27 00:04:55 12,18 flat
321 - 16/10 Menton 14,000 01:01:08 00:04:22 13,74 hillier
322 - 23/10 St Jeannet 18,500 02:06:53 00:06:51 08,74 trail
323 - 30/10 Breil sur Roya 13,500 01:18:18 00:05:48 10,34 hillier
324 - 11/11 St Raphael 12,00 01:01:32 00:05:07 11,70 hillier
325 - 13/11 Bargemon 19,50 01:38:18 00:05:02 11,90 hillier
326 - 20/11 Nice-Cannes 42,195 03:45:21 00:05:20 11,23 flat
327 - 02-03/12 Marignane 157,189 24:00:00 00:09:09 06,55 flat
328 - 11/12 Monaco 10,00 00:47:06 00:04:42 12,73 hillier
total courses: 42 1236,671 180:05:25 00:06:32 09,80  

averages    road:     11,313 km/h  

                     trail:      07,921 km/h   

                     ultras:   05,625 km/h     



date 2011 result   swim     bike     run  
    distance time km/h distance time km/h distance time km/h
01 - 27/03 St Tropez 01:27:15 0,75 00:13:37 3,3 21 00:48:08 26,2 5 00:25:29 12
02 - 05/06 Beaulieu 03:24:32 1,500 00:40:20 2,23 40 01:48:51 22,048 10 00:55:21 10,84
03 - 20/08 Levens 01:14:55 0,200 00:06:03 1,98 18 00:47:09 22,900 4,7 00:21:43 12,980
total races: 03  06:06:42 2,450 01:00:00 2,503 79 03:24:08 23,716 19,7 01:42:33 11,940


287 – 23rd January: 12 bornes - Gorbio (06) www.asgorbio.com

the race on Google Earth   

                        distance :11,700 Km                    result: 1h 01mn 21s

comment : Starting the year with this race that I always appreciate as much. Sun and cold were at the rendezvous, and the pleasure of an atypical ending trail on 700m of a rocky road in slippery stairs reaching sometimes 15% and where the minutes are lost easily and won with the head.For my part, 3mn less than last year: not too bad!

288 – 30th January: escapade vallaurienne - Vallauris (06) www.escapadevallauris.org

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance :14,500 Km                    result: 1h 14mn 22s

comment : After Gorbio, here is the second rendezvous on the hills of Cannes and Vallauris (my training ground): no snow this year, a little cold, nice to run. We start on a descent of 600m, then 600 to 700m to climb at 10ù, then a nice downhill for 3km to attack the large chunks of 5,500km to climb with a few flicks of the kidneys to more than 10% where everything is decide! The rest (4,500 km) is a descent with a small rise, and we try to remove the remaining strength to sprint to the best knowledge knowing that the last 300m are a false flat amount which break legs.

Not too bad for me today, even if I could speed up a bit more uphill!

289 – 06th february: la course du soleil - Nice-Monaco (06) www.nice-monaco-lacoursedusoleil.com

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance :19,600 Km                    result: 1h 36mn 49s

comment : Two years later, back on this sunny beautiful race, always complicated with his small bumps, bu also the heavy traffic.... It's always a bit uncomfortable, but we forget and with the pleasure of the eyes the course take over. Nearly 1200 runners on this route, and, for me, a speed that I gradually began to recover and grow, and, therefore, very happy with this race. As I say on every race, shorter than my training based on long races, this sort of race is a chance for me to do a good "long" split (smile)!

290 – 13th february: trail des neiges - Casterino (06) www.trail06.com

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance :11,500 Km                    result: 1h 10mn 00s

comment : Third edition for this event, and first participation for me. The race is nice on the snow with patches of ice that give a little spice to this race that have only the name of "trail", because it is just 230m D+ we have to climb and all is on a ski slopes skiing. I call it more a cross on snow, but at the same time it also allows neophytes to discover this kind of race and we were 256 runners that is a good result.

The negative point is the fare (15 euros) for just a refreshment at the finish (the one provided during the ride to th 3rd km was nonexistent when the riders arrived), and especially without a classification of runners by age and categories, just the top 5 men and 5 women. The organization seems to think that the riders are there to give their money......

I enjoyed this race, but lost the pleasure because of the organization..... A shame, it's my own opinion, you do yours!

291 – 20th february: semi - Cannes (06) www.semi-cannes.org 

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance :21,100 Km                    result: 1h 40mn 58s

comment : Today I run at home on a road I know well. The weather is perfect with 11 degrees, over 1000 participants, and the departure is quiet because I should find a place in this squad, and it will take 3 km. Then I take a good rhythm to pass the 10km in 46'50": my goal is to maintain a speed above 12 km/h.... At the 14th km my average is 12,8 km/h, it's good, and I don't really feel tired. I dare not accelerate, too afraid to fall apart, so I keep my pace and finish this half-marathon, no tired, at more than 12,5 km/h. Contract filled, and I gradually found some speed.....

292 – 26th february: trail - Valberg (06)

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance :09,000 Km                    result: 1h 06mn 47s

comment : This is a small trail which deserves to be known: an entry at 5 euros, a race through the snow with over 300m of elevation gain, the originality of a departure at 6pm with an arrival at night, and all in a beautiful ski resort.

For me this race was an opportunity to discover a new place to run and I was not disappointed with this circuit marked on the "sentier planétaire" where we discover little by little the solar system with works monoliths.

I do not really taken the time to look at these works with the entire climb was done in the first half of the race through the pines in a beautiful landscape, for a descent back into the night in a fine powdery snow and very well marked.

A good exercise between 1600 and 1900m above sea level in clean air.

A race to remember: each competitor was entitled to a batch that were, for the most part, a meal provided by a restaurant of the resort..... a good way to end the day!

I let you enjoy the video shot during the race with an onboard camera!

293 – 06th March: trail des Merveilles - Breil sur Roya (06) www.aromsazur.com

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance :20,000 Km                    result: 2h 37mn 14s

comment : Faithful to this trail for 3 years, I'm still discovering new views of the landscape during this race, with, this year, a pleasant temperature and a magnificent sun.

Note also a record of participation and a beautiful friendship between participation and volunteers over a meal offered by the organization.

For my part, for 3 years, I continue to improve my time and I'm not going to complain with 4 minutes less than last year, although I struggled a bit in the middle of course!

294 – 13th March: les sentiers - Mougins (06) www.sadas06.org

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance :10,000 Km                    result: 55mn 56s

comment : Second edition for this race "nature" on trails and glades very enjoyable. Today the weather was not with us with a continuous rain that made the race muddy with wet stones, but also large dots of water where they sank to knees, which made race unusually technique to avoid slipping.

I liked this hilly course leaving no rest and constantly demanding revival, with the requirement of stability and vigilance. Impeccable organization, but a shame to the lack of competitors who where afraid of getting wet or "wet their shirt"!

295 – 20th March: Riviera Classic - Monaco (98) www.fma.mc 

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance :23,827 Km                    result: 2h 17mn 36s

comment : First edition of this Riviera Classic that drew nearly a thousand runners, and a magnificent course along the sea but not flat with two beautiful hill at the 1st and the 14th km. The weather, too, wanted to be part with the presence of the sun that did embellish this race through 3 countries.

The start given at Vintimiglia made a lot of Italians fan which encouragement was appreciated during the 8 km separating us from the border. At the crossing of Menton and Roquebrune Cap Martin always some public until the 14th km, where we were ourselves among riders for the second hill to climb during 1,5 km. Then it's a little fast flat amount for 1,5 km and the view emerged on Monaco that we reach at the 20th km to finish along the sea and the 2 last km on the famous Formula 1 circuit, using the Tunnel, the Piscine and the famous feud Rascasse.

This first edition has not been a personal success, cause I start with a strained hamstring that I strapped, thinking it will works, but at the 16th km I opted to have the wisdom and join the arrival in jogging mode. Too bad, because at this time of the race I was in great shape, aside from the pain, and at a pace of 12km/h.....But I had to think about the future!

01 - 27th March: Triathlon Sprint - Saint-Tropez (83) www.triathlon-sainttropez.com

the bike race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

the run race on Google Earth       

                        distance :0,75 km + 21 km + 5 km                    result: 1h 27mn 15s

comment : This is my first real triathlon, and it did not happen under the best conditions possible. First, the water is at 12°, it rained all night and the road is wet, greasy and slippery, and the park transition lies in the sand....

154 riders at the start always with a traffic jam for the 750m of swim, difficult to avoid the blows, I even had to remove the hat and my glasses make matters worse to swim relax, and it's only at the halfway I finally found my rhythm and space to swim, so I was able to recover some places, but I still lost almost 3 minutes....

The sequence with the bike is on a beach with feet full of sand/ I found my bike on the ground, thanks neighbors, I rinse my feet and put on my shoes to leave as soon as possible. I Spend the first mile to remove the sand of the handlebar and brakes to finally start in earnest. The road is very slippery on a small hill on the pedals I stumble and fall: no sores but irritates.... The 21km course in return is hilly but not too difficult, although caution is needed with the rain and it was with a small group of 3-4 riders we painfully ascend a dozen riders on the edge of asphyxiation , for enchained, still on the beach, with some foot race.

Rapid change of shoes and go for quick 5km: I do not feel my legs and my feet, I feel like treading water, I want to stop, but my watch indicates a speed of 12km/h, so I'm hanging: especially avoid cracking. After 1,5km there is a little climb of just 1km where I'm overtaken by three runners, I prefer to temporize and wait, it's at 2km from the finish I accelerate and overtake 2 runners which double me, then it's a sprint with the third one to the finish... without success....

A good first experience taught me that, in future, to pay attention to the management of swimming and others swimmers. For the rest: training, training, training..... but I wait triathlons longer which is better for me!

296 – 03rd April: Ronde des Collines - Nice St Isidore (06) www.spiridon-cote-azur.com

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance :18,200 Km                    result: 1h 58mn 20s

comment : Today it's a festive race and nothing else. 18 km in the Nice hills through vineyards of Bellet with 6 festive supplies offering wine tastings. The majority of competitors wear a disguise and me also to participate completely at this festive race with over 1200 participants.

So I dressed up as Lucky Luke swapping sneakers cons of cowboy boots. So I was very careful about how I run to avoid injury, because the race is very hillier with the road but also stony paths through vines.

My time is not important, even if I am given less than two hours to finish, and finally I'm doing really well with and enjoy refreshments with just a small blister on one foot.

I don't would do it every day because feet are well heated in cowboy boots!

297 – 17th April: half-marathon - Nice (06) www.nicesemimarathon.com

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance :21,100 Km                    result: 1h 55mn 57s

comment : Oops, that's a race to forget very quickly! I was fine until the 4th km and then it deteriorated to the speed of lightning: sore right calf, some suffocation during the last 10km which not allowed me to run at my usual pace.

I actually broke a record: my worst time on a half-marathon....(smiles), but I was mainly used to slow down my trainings that were too extensive. You learn something everyday, and it's not worse!

298 – 23rd April: caval'cade - Brest (29)

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance :14,000 Km                    result: 1h 18mn 39s

comment : While visiting my hometown in Brittany, I took the opportunity to do a little race in Brest. On paper it was stated "trail of 14 km", but looking at the profile of the race I doubted a bit that it's as rugged and difficult than that.

Once there, there is already a pleasant surprise with a very low price commitment of 4 Euros and a good organization on the bibs. I found friends who advised me this race meeting with the riders of the region and heating a portion of the trail. Seems to confirm my impressions, I find myself on a course more "natural" or "cross" than a trail, but wait....

Quick start of the race on the first 3km fast enough to more than 13,2 km/h on forest trails, we pass a river, then here are a few small climbs coming in but not too bad, although I have to slow down a little with the riders ahead of me on a single track road where it is impossible to overtake.

In the 6th km, first stop, I'm still in an average of 12 km/h: a race really rolling!

The second part of the race will be a bit more hilly with a passage in the moat of an old fort and few steps to cross inside it, what will be the most "technical" of the race, then it is an end of race always on trails with a rolling meadow to cross. Very nice course, well marked, good organization, especially a supply limit worthy of a real meal: bread, sausage, Far Breton, crepes, wine, beer, coffee.... A end of afternoon at Brest very nice!

299 – 30th April: trail du muguet - Cantaron (06)

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance :14,200 Km                    result: 2h 02mn 18s

comment : First edition of this trail of thrush and a beautiful race in mountains overlooking Cantaron in a beautiful late sunny afternoon. Already we start by a 6 km climb for about 800m D+ on small paths showing us at every turn beautiful views until we can see, at the south, the sea, and, at the north, the mountains still with snow.

A little bit of false will follow for 4 km on a mountainside, then it is a steep and technical descent to the village for the last 4 km, rocky descent that requires agility and a good attention all the time.

Great race with 3 substantial supplies.

I didn't expect this sort of course and I went there with hands in pockets, without water, and that was fatal for me at mid-rise, because the heat was present.

Never mind, I still really enjoyed this race and it's the principal.


300 – 01st May: ascension du col de Vence - Vence (06) www.ascensioncoldevence.com

                        distance :11,800 Km                    result: 1h 19mn 16s

comment : For a day after a trail, it's perhaps not the best way ti celebrate my 300th race in 13 years, especially in the heat, but it is a pleasure to see this bunch of riders.

This race is still fun to climb with 620m of D+, and I go quiet without stopwatch just to don't have pressure and run with sensations of my body.

A correct result, without much fatigue, a good training for the future which will coming soon..... (less than 6 months)!

301 – 08th May: trail - L'Escarène (06)

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance :25,000 Km                    result: 3h 20mn 04s

comment : First participation in this race which was to be reduced from 32 km to 25 km due to lack of volunteers, and again a beautiful course. The departure begins quietly with a false flat fast enough, then it's a climb of 330m to 4km of D +. A descent of 2.5 km and we left for a 4km climb to 350 from D +. Then a descent to the finish quite technical with some small bumps.
Beautiful views, but  bad organization: we are told that initially there were 2 refuelings  and in the end just one!
The second downside has been the meal announced with the inscription (18 euros): a small tray of pasta with a glass of water ..... where is the registration fee? I knew better for a welcome!

302 – 14th May: les aventuriers du bout de drôme - Crest (26) www.challenge-hero.com

                        distance :71,000 Km                    result: 13h 50mn 00s

comment : This is my appointment trail of the year with two races in two days, and especially the atmosphere beyond compare.
Arriving on Friday late afternoon, I am entitled to a reception hall for the presentation of the races this weekend at a press conference and a welcome gift for my various past and future challenges, which affected me enormously from the organizer Jack Peyrard.
3:30 Saturday morning we're on, with a light for 100km of trail on the mountains of the Drôme.
Knowing the route I go quietly. The weather is mild and pleasant, the top for this demanding course. All goes well with an average of 7km/h to a storm that broke when I was in full ascent to the 60th km: the climb is just as slippery downhill foot in a stream, and there is still a beautiful 2km climb to 20% before falling back on Saillans (65km) to the medical examination and continue the last part.
I feel great, not too tired, I have one hour less of my time from last year, so I continued to attack the last section.
It starts hard on a wet climb to 20% or more, and I cling to trees to prevent slippage. I'm in the clouds and the storm comes a second time .... grrrrr.
A steep descent leads to a slippery and control bib when I learn I still have 25km to 7 to 8 hours of racing which lead me around 2am to start again at 8am on maratrail.
Decision is made: I stop to avoid injuries seen the weather because I was left without sticks!

303 – 15th May: maratrail - Crest (26) www.challenge-hero.com

                        distance :43,000 Km                    result: 06h 34mn 57s

commentaire : After an evening show and a good meal, I am ready this morning for maratrail. I start quiet, without stress, and in spite of beautiful small climbs and technical descents, the course was very nice!

304 – 28th May: trail des limaces - Blausasc (06)

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance :18,000 Km                    result: 02h 23mn 49s

comment : Trail in the series I continue with this first edition of the "Trail of Slug".
During the first half of the race we were treated to quite race despite some bumps running "break-legged", but also technical with many rocks on the descents. A lot of raises, but very nice.
Then it's a bump a little longer (1 km) and steeper, which makes us all slow down to go back on small bends more or less flat for 4 km and reach the difficulty of the course with a good kilometer climb to 30% and a few strings to help us. Fortunately the ground was dry, because, under the rain, I imagine the beautiful slides could have been done (smile )....... reached the end of this climb there are more than proceed to the village on a stretch of asphalt, then a downhill turn for both technical and rocky stairs and continue on quiet end of a false flat amount of 300m.
Nice race and very well marked with two pit stops that were not redundant in the heat of the day.
A day that ended with a festive meal hosted by a rock concert. Congratulations to the organization and to present 60 volunteers, and thank you for their smiles. A very nice race to note in your notebooks for next year!

305 – 02nd June: montée de gourdon - Gourdon (06)

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance :12,500 Km                    result: 01h 10mn 07s

comment : first episode of this long weekend with a road course and the rise of a small pass into Gourdon, one of the most beautiful villages in France. The weather was rainy, but in the end, not at all disturbing and quite pleasant in temperature.
Today I am pleased by keeping a fairly steady pace (well, my level) and trying not to crack .....
I felt immediately at ease, I kept a fairly consistent pace without really feel forced or fatigue, but I did not dare to speed for fear of cracking. So I find myself 10 minutes to less than 2 years there and not at all tired .... next episode on June 04th, with a trail and 05th with a triathlon: hope that the form will always be there!

306 – 04th June: trail de la peïra - Le Suquet d'Utelle (06) www.traildelapeira.com

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance :15,000 Km                    result: 02h 12mn 11s

comment : second episode of the weekend with this trail, short but intense, with the first 3 km we drive up almost 700m. Apparently the form is still there because I feel good on this course, I am very careful not to trample my ankle, and I did not feel too put me in the red.
On arrival I was pleasantly surprised with my time (36 minutes less than last year), and do not feel really tired in the legs.
The race itself is always enjoyable, and above all shows us that solidarity exists for reasons that are really good. Feel free to visit the site of the race and discover the beautiful things the organizers realize extraordinary!

02 - 05th June: Triathlon Courte Distance - Beaulieu sur Mer (06) www.aromsazur.com 

my swim on Garmin Connect    my bike race on Garmin Connect    my run race on Garmin Connect

                        distance :1,5 km + 40 km + 10 km                    result: 3h 24mn 32s

comment : third and final episode of the weekend with my second triathlon of the year on a new distance, especially on a hilly course though.
We start with two loops of 750m swim, a bit hard to start with a squad of over 200 runners and it's hard to find his rhythm in the middle of the arms and legs. I digress a little, and it is after 400 meters of swimming that I find my feelings and my little place, albeit a little late.
The sequence with the bike is fast enough for two loops of 20 km that starts with a nice climb of 10km for a D + 350m. The first loop does not go too badly, but I feel that I still lack many of the climbs, so I keep a leisurely pace so as not to simply stall and be able to pass the second loop without too much damage even if I make double.
When you start running it again on the 4 km climb to 150m D + I passed quietly, legs begin to hurt, but if I walk it's over, so I continued ... There are only 6km course with a beautiful descent that do not like thighs and a flat end I can maintain a correct speed for ultimately an average of nearly 11km / h on the route on foot .
A result not too bad given the two previous episodes of the final weekend, and the physical does not seem too ill .....

307 – 08th to 11th June: 72h - Antibes (06) www.6jours-antibes.fr 

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance : 353,260 Km                    result: 72h 00mn 00s

comment : Get involved in this race is for me one last test both mentally and physically before I went to the edge of Europe in October if all goes well.
No targets seen in mileage, just try to run by managing the less sleep as possible without putting me in the red, and above all fully appreciate the 3 days.
Departure is quietly under an uncertain sky 10km / h and I am fortunate to be accompanied during the first hour by the godmother of the event Magali Reymonenq. After 20 minutes we were treated to a storm that has washed us in 5 minutes, but I did not want to stop knowing that the sun would return soon. Suddenly, without realizing it, I find myself in the lead with two laps during 7h30mn and in 7:30 and I decide to take a first hour rest.
Upon awakening, of course, I'm not at all in lead, seventh in the standings with more than 10 laps behind the first, Segui Gerard, I won't see him again until the end because every time I stop it adds
laps and very few stopped: awesome!
So I whip up all night to the classification, and it was after 6 hours of continuing that I find myself on a par with the second third, Thierry Eche. After 17h race so I finally one goal: to keep running my race on the podium (second or third, first place is incomprehensible unless one big failure).
Of these the first 24 hours so I provide 3 times 1 hour of rest for a mileage of 144 km, and at each restart I had to struggle to find the podium and get some rest before going ahead again.

The first day was fatal for both the first and second place, but I do not regret the rest which have probably been beneficial for the future.

During the second day we all more or less fallen regime, apart from the leader who continued to advance, since I only 96km with 3 rest 30 minutes but remains in third place.
You can feel the fatigue of each, but some of us observing behind me because there are 3 riders who stand to 2 turns and can return at any moment. Too bad, I spend 30 minutes with the physio to relieve muscle and, when leaving, surprise, they all stopped. I take this opportunity to add one or two rounds ahead on my future in anticipation of rest.

I know the last day will be strategic for me and the three runners who aim behind the third place, the first failure of one will be used by others, and that until the last second.
It is with pleasure and relief that I see happen in the early morning Ali, a friend and runner masseur in his spare time, which will be the physical support for the last 9 hours
thanks to its quick and effective massage, because from that moment there is no question here of rest stops, but just small. All morning I run about 7 to 8 km / h, I am pleased to see friends come and support me on the course, which boosts morale, and 4 hours from the end we end up with two power claim to the third step with only 1 or 2 turns apart.
The observation round is installed, stop my massages are faster and more frequent, but I always keep my lead 2 turns up two hours from the finish when I decided to change shoes once losing a turn, but accelerate thereafter.
The sprint was therefore launched as Philippe Segui, my prosecutor, has also accelerated.
After 2-3 laps I see Thierry applicable, the second sitting, exhausted, and told him to continue because at the pace we were running it risked losing the second and even third place which would
have really sorry, he has said before that if I caught it we would end up together.
Meanwhile, the Sprint continues, we are close to 11km / h and 1 hour from the end I let go a little, to let my competitor from 1 / 2 turn, then leaves by observing the evolution of
the circuit. Each of us has a small group of companions, the encouragement of the other competitors are also fun, I look at my watch, time never passed so slowly, and turns as fast .... All of a sudden I can not see my opponent, there is 10 minutes, turn back: he was barely 30 meters behind me!
I do not know how, but I accelerate from 12 to 13 km / h, I no longer feel my knees ..... but I must be regaining ground, I think it is just a ride I hear the encouragement of all, it is impossible that I do now than it would be too stupid .... First shot, there is one minute to run and I continue ..... TOP: it is the end with just 595m ahead, I collapse, exhausted by the nervous sprint 2 hours and doubts but third place is here, though this!
Thank you first for my opponent Philippe Segui this intense race I will not forget, and thank you to all of you who have come to support me during these three days of madness, who sent me messages that moved me a lot, and called to me that I loose nothing, with special mention to Ali Ben Amor for his massage and his rants about the last hours.
I would not have this result without the unconditional support of Maie, wife, present at every moment of my life and supports to live with a rider who has trouble sitting (smiles)!

308 – 26th June: trail - La Colmiane (06) www.couriralacolmiane.fr  

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance : 24,000 Km                    result: 3h 54mn 37s

comment : Just over 24km in 1674 to D + is what to expect in Sunday early heat wave, and finally it was better to be in the mountains than on the seafront.
A beautiful journey from St Dalmas by a track leading us to the cow of millefonds, which reminded me of the beginning of the path of the Mercantour trail to go back to the dam and lake and attack the famous Col de Barn with some crossing snowfields to reach the ultimate point to which is the 2674m Mt Pépoiri, for 13.5 km of climbing. At this point, it's a beautiful landscape that lies before us with a unique view of the chain of Mercantour.
Then it's a very technical descent ahead with stones not very stable, and then an easier path through a larch forest brings us to the pass of the Colmiane to finish with a final small climb many feet that puzzle is the pass of Suc and down on rocky paths to St Dalmas.
A demanding course that requires attention at all times and offers beautiful reminders throughout the climb, the more downhill very fast and technical: it was for me a pleasure this race because I have always felt very good without too much force or put me in the red, taking time to admire the scenery, take pictures and fill my canteen into a river or taking snow snowfields.
The bonus was the picnic between riders for an afternoon of relaxation in the mountains!

309 – 03rd July: Luceram - Peïra Cava (06)

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance : 13,500 Km                    result: 1h 16mn 45s

comment : To take revenge on myself after the wrong time of last year: try to beat my best time on this course did in 2008.
For this race, I as usual, starting in the midfield, and taking my leisurely pace slowly without worrying about the other runners around me and it works!
Gradually I began quietly with the pack my own pace without forcing and remaining steady between 9 and 10 km / h on a hill between 6 and 9% slope. I am surprised by exceeding some runners who encourage me when they should be well ahead, but still quietly.
Fortunately, on this course the supplies are not lacking, because it's hot, so I can never stop and keep my pace up top and last mile of the trail that offers a false flat down and allows me to accelerate to a speed of 15km / h to finally beat my best time of 1min 10s.
In addition to the beautiful journey that we propose the organization, we should also note the beautiful welcome with a meal after the race unique, apart perhaps from that one of Blausasc.

310 – 03rd July: foulées biotoises - Biot (06) www.biot-ac.net

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance : 08,000 Km                    result: 40mn 30s

comment : Cleave, after the good result of Lucéram in the morning, this race 8 km inside the village of Biot, racing is done in two loops in the cobbled streets with a menu of real roller coasters decorated with irregular stairs.
A real cardio exercise, so that I willingly submit myself to know my state of recovery: a first observation lap to know well the pitfalls of this journey, but still faster in 20 minutes 30 seconds, then I try to keep this look with some acceleration in the second round to complete in 20 minutes. A small negative split for a successful result. the form is still there!

311 – 09th July: foulées contoises - Contes (06) www.les-foulees-contoises.com

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance : 10,200 Km                    result: 50mn 12s

comment : Still a good race this "foulées Contoises" with 324 participants. Last year I had done in very poor conditions after a race in the morning, so this year I was taking it slowly start to be able to enjoy the journey.
Contes is a village in the hinterland of Nice, specifically in the Paillon valley, some hills not that easy to climb, and the organizers have put together a very nice course with a passage through the narrow streets of the village before a beautiful climb into the hills on a road where very nice people did not hesitate to encourage us, and beautiful zigzag rapid descent towards the finish.
A journey in the heat but where the supplies were well placed, especially during the first 5 km climb, and that I felt good, keeping a pace of 10.5 km / h, which is rather on the descent I felt a little more effort.
In the end, I keep a proper average over a course still fast because the winner will be just over 34 minutes to complete the course ..... but we do not play in the same court ... (smiles).
Bravo to the organizers for the smooth running of the race safely, and the post-race meal with very friendly volunteers always enough for the riders, not to forget to mention the dance of the evening.

312 – 17th July: la ronde - Thiery (06)

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance : 11,000 Km                    result: 56mn 25s

comment : You have to want to reach Thiery, a small village a hundred people, perched at an altitude of over 1000m on a rocky, but once you're there it's a delight for the eyes with his wooded view overlooking the Var valley and the gorges of Cians.
This race is a race kind of forest roads and rocky, except for the first 2 kilometers of road, which makes us climb 340m on the first 5.5 km, and get even. Therefore, from the beginning to have a good pace for the climb, but also keep some strength for the descent while remaining vigilant to the various pitfalls of this stony path.
Some riders have chosen to wear their trail shoes, for my part I have kept those of road and my goal was to finish under the hour of the race which was largely made ​​because I improve my time from last year of 3mn 30s.

313 – 27th July: Ascension de la Bonette - St Etienne de Tinée (06)

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance : 27,000 Km                    result: 3h 19mn 28s

comment : Always a pleasure that the rise of the Bonette (2802m) with 1652 + D on 27km. Apparently not too difficult, except above 2000 - 2300m you start to feel the altitude and the breathing is different, and it is often the last 5 km hardest although the slope is not so extraordinary that .
I tried to beat my personal record with 3 H 08mn in 2008, but missed with an early hunger and above all a headwind rather important.
Still pretty happy because I did not feel the cold, unlike many competitors, and in recent years I was around 3:30 ... In any case, a beautiful mountain out!

314 – 30 July: Trail - Aspremont (06)

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin Connect

                        distance : 21,500 Km                    result: 2h 17mn 53s

comment : Discovery of a new trail this year, finally the last 6 km with the rise of Mont Chauve, and really pleasantly surprised.
A demanding course from the start with a climb of 250m in 2km giving us a nice slope and it will be throughout the course with continuous reminders.
Having a good start, I felt confident, except that one pass more or less easy on the 7th km, with a false flat amount, I had heavy legs and could not restart .....
Knowing there were still two difficulties beautiful, I just slowed down to try to find a good feeling, and that at the beginning of the last climb that everything is back: one last climb I was able to catch up a number of competitors who walked while I was running, then end on a fast and technical downhill that I could run smoothly for 4 km.
As I often say, I need some time to really start and I, at times, difficult to manage short distances .... (smiles)!

315 – 07th August: Trèfle - Touët sur Var (06) www.aromsazur.com

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 17,100 Km                    result: 1h 39mn 24s

comment : this race is for me a kind of test, because last year I had made ​​my only podium .... I know it will be harder this time because there is more competitors, but I decided to give everything to see what it was going to give, and go without personnal refueling.
At first I did not spare me and stay with the leading group: 1km, 2km ... like here, the drop is a good start, the "untouchables" are ahead but I am in the top 25 ....
Now we have to take throughout the 7km climb to 600m + D on a path not very regular.
Small strides in small strides I go and walking as little as possible, but I still made ​​up by three competitors with the first 2 women who climb lightly .... I try to keep their rhythms with varying degrees of difference, here goes, here goes, here goes .... still a bit of a kidney, and here we are at the top of the 8th km in 55 minutes which gives me an advance of 8mn on my time from last year ....
I blow a little time for a glass of water control, and go for about 10km downhill on a stony track but rolling.
Objective: To catch as many competitors as possible in the shortest time (smiles) ...
I therefore place: 13, 14, 15, 16 km / h. .. this does not last, perhaps, but good I want, and distance catching the 3 competitors Seeing me twice before and still hoping to catch yet another rider that I see in the distance .... In the end I stay on my position for a minute late, but super happy with less than 13 minutes of my time last year!

316 – 14th August: Corrida St Roch - Valbonne (06)

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect


                 distance : 08,000 Km                    result: 37mn 46s

comment : First participation in this "corrida", which is in its 24th edition with a 3 loops course in the pedestrian streets of the Valbonne village. Departure is at 18:30 under a cloudy sky avoiding high heat even if the weather is still heavy. The course is fast and cardio in bringing up and down that raises with a good 200m of stairs to climb 3 times. Pavers, bitumen and a little path, that's a nice course in a pleasant village to finish a meal in the open air restaurant in one of the square, and ending with a dance that could pass for a kind of scrub .....
For me a race that allows me to keep a certain dynamic speed over a distance short enough, and could even pass for a kind of "split

03 - 20th August: Triathlon Short Distance reversed - Levens (06)

the running race on Google Earth    the bike race on Google Earth

my running race on Garmin Connect    my bike race on Garmin Connect   

                        distance :4,7 km + 18 km + 0,2 km                    result: 1h 14mn 55s

comment : Second participation in this triathlon atypical of Levens which is reversed as a starting running, and cycling and it ended with 200m swimming.
Last year I tried for the first time the discipline of the triathlon on the same path, so now my only goal is trying to improve my time, which also came with more than 8 min under whose majority won by bike (normal, last year I had a trial bike)!
This year we were treated to a scorching heat that may have influenced performance, but still I notice that I still need to work on the bike leg.
Other than that I'm on my normal bases in running, and when it comes to swimming I feel great, because the clock does not reflect the 6mn much as it starts at the park entrance transition which is deposited the bike, helmet and shoes there is a small 50 m running, stairs to climb, and finally swim begin!
Of 167 athletes I class 80th overall and by discipline in the 68th running, biking 98th and 46th in swimming, which reflects the discipline to work!

317 – 28th August: Course du Louch - Isola (06)

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect


      distance : 13,000 Km                    result: 1h 05mn 02s

comment : still a very nice race than that of Isola especially when the weather is too hot on the coast and in the mountains there is a little more air. 13 km running with a 5km climb quite physical but offers a magnificent view over the Tinée valley and the village of Isola.
By improving my time from last year of more than 4 minutes, I feel in perfect shape without having been to the end of my strength.
The post race was also very nice, because the organization gave us a picnic and swimming pool access.... to digest and enjoy the mountain air.

318 – 04th september: trail Per Cami - Belvédère (06) www.aromsazur.com

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect           

        distance : 18,200 Km                    result: 2h 17mn 38s

comment : This morning it was gone for one of the toughest trail in the department for its high altitude within a short distance, but the weather conditions have forced organizers to choose the security and find alternative routes. So it was no longer 27km and 1744m of D +, but 18,2 km and 1022m of D +: faster with 6km of road that we drive up a little more than half the altitude, and then the trail begins on 10km with the end of the original routes.
The organization was right to pick up security because it was really bad, but it is true that we have a little hungry. Fortunately, as usual, that the organization was perfect on all points and the meal after the race. A good day even if it was raining and that many participants had not made ​​the usual trips because of the weather, which is a shame for so-called "traileurs".

 cause du temps, ce qui est un comble pour des soi-disant "traileurs".

319 10th to 25th September: PACA Running Tour

                        distance : 1184,568 Km                    result: 15d 5h 43mn

comment : to see the special page click here

320 – 02nd october: courir pour une fleur - Antibes (06)

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 20,000 Km                    result: 1h 38mn 27s

comment : After the turn of the PACA region I have done nothing for a week and wanted to know what it was at my speed on this course with still a few small climbs that can break the legs and rhythm. Well, I'm really happy because I kept speed pretty interesting, and besides, I sign my best time on this race in four participations.

321 – 16th october: course du Campanin - Menton (06)

                        distance : 14,000 Km                    result: 1h 01mn 08s

comment : For the first time I did a race in Menton, and today was the 30th anniversary of this race Campanin with nice small climbs, something I like .... On the 14km (well actually 13 and a bit) 1:10 I counted at best and I end up with 1:01 ..... without really being in the red .... Confirmation to me that my speed is there and it increases a little. now I'll work a little while to prepare for the marathon of Alpes-Maritimes in a month!

322 – 23th october: trail des Baous - St Jeannet (06) www.traildesbaous.com

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect 

                        distance : 18,500 Km                    result: 2h 06mn 53s

comment : In full marathon swing, I integrate still a competition on Sunday, so today was a trail that I did not miss, because it's the second edition, my first participation, and especially the discovery of new landscapes.
In terms of scenery, I was served, the course was very nice with an elevation gain of 900m climbs but not too complicated, without the first 3 km from where we were well grouped, and therefore difficult to run pace ....
The difficulty of the course was finally the passage of many stony lands, especially the rapids descents of the stones often not very stable.
Perfect organization, perfect weather for a trail (covered but not cold), a brief Sunday morning as we like with over 300 participants ... To test absolutely!

323 – 30th october: boucle de Breil - Breil sur Roya (06) www.aromsazur.com

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 13,500 Km                    result: 1h 18mn 18s

comment : I always enjoyed this race, and if I went there today it's really because I like the course....  bronchitis + 38 of fever: I left already with a disability, and after 3 km there I could not breathe .... So that's my training as a free diver conditions ... hihihi ... I assure you it's special!
I will not mention the timing really insignificant .... Go to a good rest now!

324 – 11th november: course des paroisses - St Raphaël (83) www.coursedesparoisses.com

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 12,000 Km                    result: 1h 01mn 32s

comment : After a good week of illness, I had to quickly regain the sneakers, and this race in the nature of Esterel was a good excuse because I had never done it. Discover a route is always very friendly and there is no strategy to do the race so I left quietly. I discovered a trail of hiking with a few stones but without difficulties, two passages in the water due to heavy rain the previous days, the first half of the course consists of false flats and two climbs, and finally a fairly rapid descent .... Having had a leisurely pace in the first half, I tested on accelerating the end and finally I finished without being too tired despite a stitch that has never left me throughout the race.
A very nice course that I recommend!


325 – 13th november: course des hauts villages - Bargemon (83)

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 19,500 Km                    result: 1h 38mn 18s

comment : It's been nine years since I had not done this race and, therefore, I could not remember any details of it: a journey though hilly and very pleasant!
I am therefore tested to make some accelerations fitted with recovery downhill, just to sharpen my speed in anticipation of the Nice-Cannes Marathon next week, and I did not too badly.
This hilly course connects three villages (Bargemon, Claviers and Callas) along roads and paths in a very pleasant landscape.
As I denounce strongly against the price of the race (17 Euros) which includes a meal, even if the runner does not stay, meals also very light and simple (pasta, stew, wine, piece of pie and coffee). Do not forget that you leave with no memory of the race ....
Frankly bad for a course as friendly as the organization wants to simply fatten on the back of runners! For my part I scratch this race for future editions!

326 – 20th november: marathon des Alpes-Maritimes - Nice / Cannes (06) www.marathon06.com

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 42,195 Km                    result: 3h 45mn 21s

comment : Knowing the route by heart, I start quietly, without hurry, and above all stress free (I got 5 minutes before departure). The departure is on the Promenade des Anglais, and, as usual, I see riders rushing on the left side of the road (the sea), while we are entitled to the entire road and I find myself more or less alone for 4km on the right side of the walk: I assure you, it's nice, you run at your own pace, no rush, the top!
Other than that, a marathon that I still managed to quietly, at least do my best time (done), and take, as always the most fun, and this year the weather was great.

327 – 02nd and 03rd december - 24h - Marignane (13)

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 157,189 Km                    result: 24h 00mn 00s

comment : Well, uh, you know. yes, hard drive this 24h of Marignane:
Hard for fueling light which disappears at 4am (
no more salty food,  ham ....), no tables for runners, or volunteers at night ......
Hard by the weather, but that's the fault of bad luck, which makes the path (path, lawn, track) and flooded "swamp" with unexpected obstacles in slalom between water holes and even a few jumps .....
Hard for the organization: no doctor or emergency in case of problems, except a physiotherapist and a chiropodist (unless this was jogging), rest room that closes after 15 hours of
race (this is when where the runners need it most), cold shower, a tiny room to change, an organization does not exist during the night ....
In short: you forget for a score, to test
your mentally, it's the best;-)..... scores are not fabulous as you can see, and that's a shame!

Fortunately I was anticipating and I had my own tent to change me, but I think the other
runners ....  I have suffered greatly from lack of supplies, and run on an empty stomach is not the top!
So, I forget this a watch the future!

328 – 11th december: cursa de natale - Monaco www.assp-monaco.com

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect


                        distance : 10,000 Km                    result:  47mn 06s

comment : here is a small 10 km in Monaco in order to finish the year in 47mn .... okay but not great. More than 1,500 runners on this course a little hilly starting from the port, and then a climb to the Palace by stairs not so regular that you break the rhythm and also the breath. Then we return to port for a rise to the casino and the famous downhill turn from the course of formula 1. The last 5 km are on the flat along the Larvotto beach to return to the port.
Appointment on 1
st January 2012 for the deslagging Eve between Théoule sur Mer and Menton (85 km), and begin a new year! Details on www.datcharun.com


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