date 2012 distance/Km time mn/km km/h field
01/01 Deslagging Eve          
329 - 08/01 Serre-Chevalier 30,20 04:17:22 00:08:31 07,04 trail
330 - 22/01 La Garoupe 04,60 00:21:24 00:04:39 12,89 hillier
331 - 29/01 Vallauris 15,00 01:14:01 00:04:56 12,15 hillier
332 - 12/02 La Croix Valmer 11,200 00:55:41 00:04:58 12,06 hillier
333 - 19/02 Gorbio 11,700 00:59:07 00:05:03 11,87 hillier
334 - 26/02 Cannes 21,100 01:44:56 00:04:58 12,06 flat
335 - 04/03 Breil sur Roya 20,000 02:35:12 00:07:46 07,72 trail
336 - 11/03 St Jean Cap Ferrat 11,500 00:55:59 00:04:52 12,32 hillier
337 - 18/03 Vintimille-Monaco 23,800 02:00:22 00:05:03 11,86 hillier
338 - 25/03 St Jeannet 10,180 00:49:42 00:04:52 12,29 hillier
339 - 31/03 Mirmande 12,000 01:41:49 00:08:29 07,07 trail
340 - 01/04 Mirmande 45,000 06:15:11 00:08:20 07,19 trail
341 - 07 et 08/04 St Fons 110,113 24:00:00 00:13:04 04,58 flat
342 - 15/04 Moulinet 21,000 03:15:07 00:09:07 06,45 trail
343 - 21/04 Les Adrets de l'Esterel 11,500 01:01:44 00:05:22 11,17 hillier
344 - 29/04 Nice 21,100 01:42:27 00:04:51 12,35 flat
345 - 01/05 Cantaron 14,200 01:42:42 00:07:14 08,29 trail
346 - 12/05 Crest 80,000 15:46:10 00:11:49 05,07 trail
347 - 13/05 Crest 43,000 05:42:58 00:07:57 07,50 trail
348 - 17/05 Gourdon 12,500 01:14:35 00:05:55 10,05 mountain
349 - 20/05 Belvédère 14,000 01:08:55 00:04:55 12,08 hillier
26&27/05 Raid De Mougins          
350 - 03/06 Peillon 4,500 00:21:00 00:04:40 12,85 hillier
351 - 06 to 09/06 Antibes 292,003 72:00:00 00:14:47 04,05 flat
352 - 24/06 La Colmiane 15,000 01:15:11 00:05:00 11,97 hillier
353 - 30/06 Tihany 83,800 13:30:23 00:09:40 06,20 flat
354 - 07/07 Contes 10,200 00:59:27 00:05:49 10,29 hillier
355 - 08/07 Biot 08,000 00:41:56 00:05:14 11,44 hillier
356 - 14/07 Cotignac 10,000 00:50:50 00:05:05 11,80 hillier
357 - 15/07 Thiery 11,000 00:59:56 00:05:26 11,01 hillier
358 - 22/07 Touet sur Var 17,100 01:44:24 00:06:06 09,82 trail
359 - 29/07 La Bonette 27,000 03:33:00 00:07:53 07,60 mountain
360 - 26/08 Isola 13,000 01:08:49 00:05:17 11,33 hillier
361 - 02/09 Belvédère 19,500 02:24:48 00:07:25 08,08 trail
362 - 23/09 Cap d'Ail 13,200 01:30:44 00:06:52 08,72 hillier
363 - 30/09 Beaulieu sur Mer 14,000 01:17:06 00:05:30 10,89 hillier
364 - 06-07/10 Vierzon (blessure) 81,000 12:00:00 00:08:53 06,75 flat
365 - 28/10 Breil sur Roya 13,500 01:10:49 00:05:14 11,43 hillier
366 - 04/11 Nice-Cannes 42,195 04:27:47 00:06:20 09,45 flat
367 - 16/12 Valbonne/garbejaire 11,000 01:02:37 00:05:41 10,54 cross
total races: 39 1229,691 200:24:11 00:06:46 9,70  

averages:     road:         11,303 km/h  

                        trail:        07,423 km/h

                     ultras:        05,395 km/h  



date 2012 result   swim     bike     run  
    distance time km/h distance time km/h distance time km/h
04 - 25/08 Levens 01:15:33 0,200 00:06:27 1,860 18,000 00:46:25 23,260 4,700 00:22:41 12,430
05 - 16/09 Nice 03:09:27 1,500 00:37:17 2,410 36,000 01:31:02 23,720 10,000 01:01:07 09,810
total course: 02 04:25:00 1,700 00:43:44 2,135 54,000 02:17:27 23,490 14,700 01:23:48 11,120


329 – 08th January: trail blanc - Serre-Chevalier (05) www.trailenbrianconnais.com

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 30,200 Km                    result:  4h 17mn 22s

comment : The year began badly with the white trail to 4h17mn Serre-Chevalier (30km) and a big knee pain from the second km .... so before the complications and to determine the end of the story towards ultrasound .... otherwise the path where great sinking at least 20cm to 80% on every stride of the circuit .... Support different, ankles suffering and reinforce, in short, a good training for the trails without snow .... And besides great weather except the head wind for at least 7 km ....
Go very happy when I recommend this race!

330 – 22nd January: montée de La Garoupe - Antibes (06)

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 04,600 Km                    result:  21mn 24s

comment : I did an error in trying to do too much this morning on the small loop of 4.6 km to the Garoupe with accelerated too quickly and asphyxiation after 1.5 km on the first climb: bad, I had to keep training my pace yesterday ..... the good news is any more pain at the knee .... The bad news third V1 third but not podium ....  it does not matter!

331 – 29th January: escapade vallaurienne - Vallauris (06)

the race Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 15,000 Km                    result:  1h 14mn 01s

comment : With 500m over to run from this 15km race today, I improve my time by 20 seconds from last year, with no trace of fatigue, so happy, but a small regret: I should have m 'pull a little on the first 5 km instead of just looking to provide a cushy waiting for the rise ....!

332 – 12th February: foulée croisienne - La Croix Valmer (83)

the race Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 11,000 Km                    result:  55mn 41s

comment : First edition of this race for me, and pleasantly surprised by this course mid-road, mid-trail down the runway though hilly, offering fine recovery.
After 2.5 km of false flat down on the road and a very quick departure from the first, it's 4km of track mounted ahead: not knowing the percentage I am a bit reserved about this part here , a bit too much, which made ​​me take risks on 2-3km downhill on gravel track well (trail experience was beneficial on this one) and I could keep going on last part tarmac uphill.
Finally a good timing, and this is not the temperature below 0 ° which prevented me to take a lot of fun on this course fully stocked with supplies (3, but I've used only one) .
An organization and a very nice welcome in this race that I recommend for a paltry fee of 9 euros!

333 – 19th February: les 12 km - Gorbio (06) www.asgorbio.com

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 11,700 Km                    result:  59mn 07s

comment : 2 minutes less than last year on this 12 km from Gorbio well with an undulating wall 700m final in 59min, but 3 minutes of my record on this course .... yes, speed is a bit over ..... not a severe weather super nice and a pleasure to do this journey that has remained the same after several editions since the organization is always perfect with a welcome on top!

334 – 26th February: half-marathon - Cannes (06) www.semi-cannes.org

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 21,100 Km                    result:  1h 44mn 56s

comment : Okay, well this morning I had gone in great shape with a hare of great quality (thank you Ali) for a small half-marathon flat along the Cannes Croisette: a quiet start at 13km / h, normal, although it is not at all my usual pace on the long run but why not try from time to time .... After 5km, my little hare has itchy feets, I give him a ticket out to do its race for him .....
Remaining alone, but accustomed to this situation, I keep my rhythm somehow during two rounds of rides until the 14th km, and then failure: no more juice, fuel, the engine air holes , starts at idle and not responding .....
Thankfully the 15th km of station allows me to refuel, but the time to warm the machine, I had lost more than 6mn on my predictions, and, disappointed by a loss of minutes impossible to catch up, but encouraged by fans, I puts the turbo way to save at least an average of 12km/h which I still want to be faithful ....
Phew, the average is still going!

335 – 04th March: trail des merveilles - Breil sur Roya (06) www.aromsazur.com 

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect     

               distance : 20,000 Km                    result:  2h 35mn 12s

commentaire : 4th edition for this trail, and the fourth participation on my part, because the course is really nice, and the organization on top!
The goal for me is to improve my time as I did during the previous three editions. Knowing the course, I go quiet because we start with 6 km climb to 800m of elevation gain .... I reach the summit under the hour which was the goal and then proceed quietly for some 8km, which I can catch two dozen runners before attacking a small "wall" of 120 D + on a little less than a kilometer that breaks though the pace and legs ....
After this last difficulty I see my goal to beat my time is at hand, and I accelerate a little over a portion hilly but not too complicated .... All goes well until the appearance of a little hurt on stomach that makes me a little slow: well, only 3km, not to release, this is a technical descent, but hey .... Less than 2 minutes to arrival: contract done!

336 – 11th March: Panathlon du Cap - St Jean Cap Ferrat (06)

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 11,500 Km                    result:  55mn 59s

comment : A very nice little run in 3 rounds on Cap Ferrat. In the first round, I discovered the little surprises of the circuit, with a nice little climb that breaks though the pace, keeping a brisk pace, and the two rounds I used to try to keep this pace and enjoy this race for me a kind of "split".
Overall I am quite happy with this output remains an interesting preparation for my goal of 24 hours race in less than a month.

337 – 18th March: Riviera Classic - Vintimille / Monaco (98) www.fma.mc

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 23,800 Km                    result:  2h 00mn 22s

comment : A classic not to be missed by his unusual background of the sea, starting from Italy, through France to finish in Monaco.
24 km of road bumps completely secure with 2 selective hills (1st and 14th km), and a few reminders on flat or false flat. I took this course in intensive training with the aim to keep a steady pace and finished in 2 hours, done quietly (with 22 seconds more ... hihihihi)!
All is well, I stay in my own pace without getting too tired, and feel almost ready for the famous 24 hours in 3 weeks!

338 – 25th March: foulées du Baou - St Jeannet (06) www.ensemble-avec-benoit.com

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 10,180 Km                    result:  49mn 42s

comment : A nice little run with a hilly course I like. Today I enjoyed myself on this course by keeping a pace of 12km / h without too much speed and not burn me. This course is very nice in the woods, but it is mostly a race to be encouraged to work on bone marrow donation!

339 – 31st March: trail - Mirmande (26) www.trail-mirmande.com

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 12,000 Km                    result:  1h 41mn 49s

comment : small warm-up at the end of the afternoon in a well rugged trail of 12km with a tour of the villages and direction the woods of Mirmande.... I find this course with constant reminders and beautiful bumps at 25-30% good to Itchy legs to 700m of D +, and a very nice landscape.
A leisurely pace, for me, under a bright sun waiting for the main course tomorrow morning, but before that, a very nice welcome from the organization with a pasta party served in the village church!

340 – 01st April: trail - Mirmande (26) www.trail-mirmande.com

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 45,000 Km                    result:  6h 15mn 11s

comment : This morning we do not laugh: the weather is slightly overcast, but, above all, lots of wind and suddenly it's pretty cool.
It starts, like yesterday, with a tour of the village and the hills and towards the woods of Mirmande. Knowing the beginning of the course, the same as yesterday, I go quietly, for me it will be my last long training before the 24h of next week.
A journey without much rugged virtually flat portions, except on one of the peaks along the wind farm, and always raises, and a nice little surprise at the end of last term with a brawny climb to add the final more than 2000m of D +.
The scenery is superb, the Drôme, the supplies on top, nothing is missing, in short, a pleasure to race in these conditions.
Throughout the course the wind did not quit, but, with the sun, it was not so cold that it eventually.
My race was as I had expected (7 km / h) and even a bit faster, and I am very pleased with this weekend in the Drôme where I had the opportunity to meet friends who always perfectly organize their races with a host on top!
Do not hesitate, make the move you will not regret it

341 – 07th & 08th April: 24h - Saint-Fons (69)

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 110,113 Km                    result:  24h 00mn 00s

comment : It is not enough to be on top in preparation for a successful D-Day: this weekend so I take the departure of 24 in top form, the first 9 hours pass very well with an average of 10.5 km / h, and, suddenly, no more strength in the left leg .....
I stopped, I ate, I went back, but nothing to do, it won't start again ....
Probably too full of effort that I pay, I hit the 100km loop, go to bed and made ​​a slagging of 10km the next day, not too much history to draw on reserves and to rebuild a 24h very quickly.
Pity, because, apart from a small turn dry enough, the course was ideal for me and the organization
on top!

342 – 15th April: trail - Moulinet (06) www.traildemoulinet.fr

the race on Google Earth         my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 21,000 Km                    result:  03h 15mn 07s

comment : to get back into running quietly, it is with pleasure that I participate at this trail for the first time: the weather is not very good before departure and we are told of snow on the highest point at 1700m altitude . I cover myself, my belt, my canteen, and go for a ride I plan at least 3 hours, because there are still nearly 1,400 meters of D +.
The route is almost all the time in single-track right out of the village, the terrain is rocky, muddy and a little slippery sometimes with leaf litter.
Two big climbs and descents with some false flats between that can revive a little, but for my part I feel a lack of power so I do not insist and do the race in recovery mode except for the last descent of 5km where I am happy about the technical parts, which allows me to catch a dozen runners and finished in a time Hon.
A great organization with two beautiful pit stops along the route and a meal after the race at the top, a very pleasant journey through the landscape as by its technical race, highly recommend for future editions.

343 – 21st April: Cahin-Caha - Les Adrets de l'Esterel (83)

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 11,500 Km                    result:  01h 01mn 44s

comment : a very nice little run in the hills of the Esterel, with a hilly course on trails well enough finally rolling.
Today I did the race as a hare to take a friend on the podium, contract done, as she finished third in the scratch, and for me a good workout.

344 – 29th April: half-marathon - Nice (06) www.nicesemimarathon.com

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 21,100 Km                    result:  01h 42mn 27s

comment : Well, on this half-marathon I go quietly and does not spend the first 10km in less than 47 or 48mn .... I pass 47mn in without getting too tired, so I still look the same with a small slowdown over the last 5 km, probably due to boredom to a flat course (smile), but finally I finished this half without really fatigue with a time acceptable as better than the half of Cannes two months ago.

345 – 01st May: course du muguet - Cantaron (06)

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 14,200 Km                    result:  01h 42mn 42s

comment : Two days after the half of Nice it's a small trail which I am dealing with a departure of a great portion of climb to 18%, and then the percentage decreases but the climb will take about 7km.
I start with a friend without leaving too much to pressure and especially to support her on this course she does not know. The "climb" is quietly in single-track with pit stops and a few well-placed small raises where I can push a little for my friend she still keeps a good pace: she is currently the fifth, but behind the girls cling, and before their are not that far.
On a portion of raises (successive ascents and descents) quite technical as full of stones, I gives a quick acceleration which allows her to outrun his pursuers, but before they hold up .....
The last three kilometers are slopes with slippery rocks though: I see that she maintains her position without taking any risk of injury from a fall: for me my "work" is finished, so I'm making a little fun down thoroughly by doubling some more cautious competitors, and ends with 20 minutes less than the time of last year on the same course!

346 – 12th May: Les aventuriers du bout de la Drôme - Crest (26) www.challenge-charlesetalice.com   

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 80,000 Km                    result:  15h 46mn 10s    STOPPED

comment :  run this trail is for me an enormous pleasure to the quality of reception and organization: it was like being at home thanks to volunteers who are very caring with the riders.

Once again I attack the famous 105km and 6600m of D +. The weather is good, so no reason not to finally finish this course. Departure is at 3:30 am: the first 30 kilometers pass easily, the day has dawned and I discovered, as every year, a beautiful landscape ..... but growing up I find myself closing my eyes to sleep at once walked, without really tired ..... good not having overslept the night before I give myself a micro-nap of 10 minutes, and direction Cobonne. The form is returned, everything is ok. Time I leave a good supply in top form, going under a fine rain to Mirabel but quietly, and then take direction and its famous Saillans little path.The rain stopped, the sun is there and also the start of the steep path: yet I give myself 10 minutes of micro-nap, pass the steep path and without too many issues regarding the attack on Saillans downhill at full speed. In my Chrono I have half an hour less than my time last year: here is cool!

After I leave compulsory medical control, confident, having still noticed that many competitors had stopped .....New climb, and new descent(both 25-30%), I go where I left off last year, and continues ... of course!I

end up with a competitor, Severine, and we decide to attack the 3 heads together and  not be alone with safety and support each other, but, after 10 km of climb, yet easy, j ' have a big wave of tiredness as I fell asleep again while walking .....Given the difficulty of the finish, my fatigue, and advice from the last check, I prefer stop there .... Grrrrr

347 – 13th May: Maratrail - Crest (26) www.challenge-charlesetalice.com   

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 43,000 Km                    result:  5h 42mn 58s

comment :  Here we go again: this course I know it by heart, so quiet start and management ..... my goal is to improve my time and it's done with more than a quarter of an hour less than two years ago. Frankly I had a blast, and it was pure happiness!

348 – 17th May: ascension - Gourdon (06)     http://cdj-athleticphilippides.e-monsite.com/pages/l-ascension-de-gourdon-02-06-11/

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 12,500 Km                    result:  1h 14mn 35s

comment :  After this weekend of trail, I take this climb as a kind of scouring, and put myself in the service of a friend as a hare to the 12km climb. This kind of activity can often be more tiring because we are there to support, supplies and push athlete to give it the best of herself, and I was rewarded because she win a beautiful podium V2 with a time very honorable.

349 – 20th May: 14km - Belvédère (06)     www.aromsazur.com

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 14,000 Km                    result:  1h 08mn 55s

comment : Come on, the goal is to try to improve my time from two years ago, and see if I can take an average of 12km / h on this hilly course especially difficult with the hill on last km. I'm starting fast, soon found myself alone, and there must be taken not to be caught up and keep a steady pace. It's hard, but the head keeps me  not stop and walk a few meters .... I keep running, the legs start to hurt: 14km is finally nothing (smile)! .... But it's long when you feel that the juice is running out .... The last 2 kms are coming up with a nice bump to the village: I see on the turning of a shoelace, a rider who comes back, and it gives me a little bit of power to revive and finally finish with a time that I would not dare to hope .... It feels good to finally see that I have still a little speed (smile)!

26th & 27th May - La Déboussolée - Mougins (06) www.raidmougins.com

comment :  Late Shift with the raid multisport team of 4. Pure bliss for 2 days, even if the bike part is quite difficult, but the perfect organisation makes you forget all the fatigue and morale declines. I'll let you see all this through the short film below.


350 – 03rd June: monta cala - Peillon (06)     http://courirapeillon.free.fr

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 09,000 Km                    result:   42mn 58s

comment :  three days before the 72h of Antibes is a sprint that I agree with a duo where each runner do a round of 4.5 km route on a fairly hilly during the first 2 kilometers, and then a long false flat more or less amount. I take the second stint in second place with a beautiful race of my teammate and I just have to maintain this position, except I know that behind me there are 2-3 runners that are much faster than me ... .. So I start fast: 500m flat, a climb through a tunnel, stairs, climb another .... breath lacks a bit ..... a technical descent down the stairs, I love, and the latter false flat where I have to keep a steady pace .... I gave everything in the hilly part, and I try to keep this pace of restart .... the breath begins to be short .... It is 300m and then I get double, can not raise: never mind, the third place is already not so bad (smile)?

351 – 06th to 09th June: 72h - Antibes (06)  www.6jours-antibes.fr        

                        distance : 292,003 Km                    result:   72h 00mn 00s

comment : Like last year here I am at this famous 72h at Fort Carré in Antibes. No pressure, just try to increase my mileage last year (353.260 km), which would already be very honorable. I'm almost ready, so here we go ..... The first few hours are going very well, I run in my pace and everything goes well. After eight hours one little fatigue is felt, and I opt for a quick stop of 30 minutes sleep ....

The wakeup goes well and here we go again, except that I slept 15 minutes longer current. I insist 1h, 2h, but still slow, then stopped again for 30 minutes .... I do this 2-3 times to finally realize that my sleep management does not go as well as last year and that my body needs more rest, which makes me lose my average over the first 24 hours.....

Early in the second 24 I feel good after a good shower and this time I must catch up the lost miles even though I'm still ranked in the top 5. During the second night I retry my management of sleep a small stops but it still does not work and I lost a lot of time: it is decidedly not my day!

Well, this is the last 24h: not possible to catch up lost miles, I feel that my body is really tired of my previous races, so I decided to go quiet and stay on my current ranking (7th), trotting quietly into recovery mode, while trying not to disappoint too many friends came to support me, and it was a great pleasure to have them near me.

Thank you to you,and thank you the organization for giving us this kind of trial, and by appointment in 2013 for a new adventure on a new site!

352 – 24th June: course des As - La Colmiane (06)        

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 15,000 Km                    result:   1h 15mn 11s

comment : Unable to bring myself to do nothing until the Ultrabalaton in Hungary next week, so I decided to go for this race aces in altitude to regenerate me, meet friends, and enjoy it to the hare to a friend. This race is very nice with a nice climb to 9% during about 5km on the road, then it is a sequence of flat, false flat down on hiking path where you always raise. Result: I am very happy with this release that showed me that for me the form was returned, and my fellow race was also shaped and she was improving more and more .....

353 – 30th June: Ultrabalaton - Tihany (Hungry)        

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 83,800 Km                    result:   13h 30mn 23s   GIVE UP

comment : After arriving the day before in the famous Tihany for Ultrabaton of 212 km, I feel great, it's hot (40 °), but it does not really affect me. Taken to hotel rooms, recovery bib, very nice dinner in a typical restaurant with drinks (wine, beer, soft drinks) and foods home with my two attendants .... In short, the top stress-free! In the early morning breakfast at 4.30 for departure at 6:00: Meeting on the line with the French racers and go. Knowing the course, I go quietly to 10-11 km / h, it's already been over 25 ° in temperature. I feel great,  the first semi goes 1:50, quiet, well stay on this pace because I did not feel forced .....No sooner had I thought that my legs are weak, helpless, and I begin to vomit everything I eat, that is not much .... Great moment of solitude, I do not understand what happens to me .... I walk a little wood, and leave again without any real force: I feel I hang out .....I come painfully to complete the first marathon (there are 5) in 5 hours interspersed with vomiting every time I eat, and I decide to stop a prolonged massage to understand what happens to me ... .10 minutes of sleep, a massage that gives me a feeling of slight legs and I'm leaving ....Nothing to do, after 3 km.... again: weak legs, unable to eat ... I really evolves dropper ....it's hard in the head, I understand that my body gives me alerts of fatigue on my 3 last months, but I do not want to stop .... A stunning take me: I fall on the course .... a cyclist myself up, I continue, and 5 minutes later .... I fall helpless ... person on the course, except that cyclists do not stop them, I get up painfully, teeth serve until the next refueling there where I'd rather give up: I feel dizzy after 83.800 km of run nothing in the belly! Go, rest, rest and still, and reconstruction!

Allez, repos, et encore repos, et reconstruction!

354 – 07th July: foulées - Contes (06)        

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 10,200 Km                    result:   59mn 27s

comment : Race to forget for my performance, but mark your calendar for the course, the organization, the atmosphere, the meal and the evening show post-race. 5km to climb in a good heat, 4 km downhill and one little  km of flat Recovery and sprint to the finish: here is a cool course, except when you celebrated a birthday lunch and the departure is at 18h (smiles). No problem, the goal was to be set after a good meal and to detoxify running .... after each one ran his speed as he could!

355 – 08th July: foulées - Biot (06)        

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 08,000 Km                    result:   41mn 56s

comment : Summer is coming and races (corrida) in the narrow lanes of Provencal villages begin. Biot is part and this is the first step along that starts the season in paved alleys and on a very hilly and challenging course that leaves no room for improvisation if you have to do an environmental time Hon.

After the race and the previous evening I granted an exit 50km bike the morning of history to put the body in place, and I feel the end near for his departure at 18h and set the pace to a friend. A race that happened to me quietly, without fatigue, a kind of scrub, and allowed my friend to complete the podium in the first woman V2: job done (smile)!

356 – 14th July: foulées - Cotignac (83)        

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 10,000 Km                    result:   50mn 50s

comment : Back to the source to celebrate my 15 years running race with this race at Cotignac where all began on July 14, 1998.

The course is always pleasant and hilly which makes its charm and a nice passage in the vineyards.

I am not doing my best lap on this course, but after 15 years I remain more or less the same level.

The race started as usual at 18:30, and Post-race is always so nice with her ​​ball and small restaurants along the central way.

357 – 15th July: ronde - Thiery (06)        

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                        distance : 11,000 Km                    result:   59mn 56s

comment : Come on, I finished the weekend with this beautiful high altitude trail running that I especially love in a village you should visit even if you do not run, because the landscape is beautiful. Start to a 1050m climb up to 1400m in 5km of forest, including 1km of bitumen, which is a 6km descent to the village along a mountain with great view even if we must watch where we put his feet on the stony track .... My time is not the most fantastic after the race the previous day and the afterparty, but most important was especially pleased to run in this beautiful environment!

358 – 22nd July: trail du trèfle - Touet sur Var (06) www.aromsazur.com        

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                        distance : 17,100 Km                    result:   1h 44mn 24s

comment : Third edition of this race mid-nature, mid-trail, and this year in the reverse direction of the first two editions.

I was curious to see my time from last year with this reverse direction, and although I lost exactly 5 minutes.

Normal, the rise is longer with 10km and downhill slopes and slower as more technical.

Okay, I am still rank well and finally two-way race are interesting.

Next year will again changed direction and I advise you to note the race on your calendar, because not only the course is very nice, but the organization and post-race meal is always at the top with fine landscapes in the valley of the Var!

359 – 29th July: montée du col de La Bonette - St Etienne de Tinée (06)    

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                           distance : 27,000 Km                    result:   3h 33mn 00s

comment : A 30th anniversary for this race and 47th for me, this rise of the Col de La Bonette is special and I take my time and pleasure to travel 27km with 1764m the elevation gain.
No stress on a record time, just fun to run with you all and enjoy this anniversary.
thank you to you who were present at the post-race meal, but also to all of you for your kind words nice birthday: a day I will never forget!

04 – 25th August: triathlon short distance reversed - Levens (06)    

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the bike race on Google Earth

                           distance : 4,7 km + 18 km + 0,2 Km                    result:   1h 15mn 33s

comment : As usual, the reverse triathlon (running, cycling and swimming) was fun, but I lost a little over one minute foot race because of a wasp stung me at the corner of the eye. Apart from that I'm improving bike and that is the main!

360 – 26th August: course du Louch - Isola (06)    

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                           distance : 13,000 Km                    result:   1h 08mn 49s

comment : I finished this weekend in beauty, fresh with a beautiful 13km race in the mountains of Isola .....
Ok I do not beat my little record but it was not the goal: to have fun especially a beautiful day in the fresh air and accompany Veronique at a new podium (1st Senior) providing the rhythm.
The day was even more beautiful with a small reward from Spiridon (thank you Michel), a lunch with friends and a big splash in the pool: happiness!

361 – 02nd September: trail per Cami - Belvédère (06) www.aromsazur.com  

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                           distance : 19,500 Km                    result:   2h 24mn 48s

comment : So summary of the day: shortened course due to weather (too bad I would have ran into the snow, I love it, but we must also think about volunteers who wait in the cold), and it's a small trail of 19,500 km with 1141m D +.
I take the more or less rapid start to be easy in mono-traces (not having to double), then I reduce the speed (they all think I'm burnt ... lol),my heater start to be ok, and let's go to come back on runners in front of me (sorry guys).
The only downside was the calf cramps due to cold, and I could not really accelerate the descent ..... but hey, I lost maybe 3-4min, but that's okay I enjoyed myself on this journey full of stimulus that should not be idle!
A good journey to remember!

05 – 16th September: triathlon courte distance - Nice (06)    

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the bike race on Google Earth

                           distance : 1,5 km + 36 km + 10 Km                    result:   3h 09mn 27s

comment : This triathlon of Nice is done with a result somewhat mixed, 3h09mn, due to a cramp that is called at the beginning of the running, so I had to manage not to stop.
I'm still happy because I improved in swimming and cycling, and I noticed that I had changed little tray if I want to be comfortable in all climbs .....
The shape is there and I enjoyed as swimming with water at 22 °, as the bike race with the rise of the Col d'Eze, and took a lot of fun on this competition with a nice public during the foot race on the Promenade des Anglais.

362 – 23rd September: tour pédestre - Cap d'Ail (06)

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                           distance : 13,200 Km                    result:   1h 30mn 44s

comment : After going to the start of the race bt running with 50km covered in 4h 15mn, this race of Cap d'Ail allowed me to see the reaction of my body on the first 4 km to 14 km / h .... It was cool .....
Then, with the small and the big climbs down limit I set mode jogging to finish with an average of about 9 km that what I wanted without much fatigue ...
Okay French Championships of 24 hours are in 15 days I'm OK, hope it will be the same the D day!

363 – 30th September: boucles berluganes - Beaulieu sur Mer (06)

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                           distance : 14,000 Km                    result:   1h 17mn 06s

comment : Even though I'm at a week of an important appointment (French Championship of 24 hours), I have to go on a run race on Sunday because it is, for me, a last training done with pleasure to be with my friends riders on a nice ride, and a fun atmosphere.
So today it's a hilly race of 14km that I have pleasure of doing as "hare" for a friend, which allowed me to run my pace 24 hours without fatigue and complete relaxation .... .
The result was the podium of my friend as the first woman senior (Vero congratulations!): It is not life great?

364 – 06th & 07th October: French Championship of 24h - Vierzon (18) (stopped by hurt)

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                           distance : 81,000 Km                    result:   12h 00mn 00s

comment : Preparation is important, and, sometimes, the D day is not here ....
Prepared for the past few months, the confidence is there for the championship of France 2012 of  24h at Vierzon. All the ingredients are there: no stress, massage
available and a perfect night the day before, in short, there is more than ....
The start is going very well, quiet, below my normal speed ... 2h race and 21km traveled that seems to me correct, I continue, but in my head I ponder: "It is not my km here, speeds .... Not remain quiet ... ".
For 6 hours I spend "be quiet" to "speeds you're bored", so I lose a little envy, moral .... But hey, I still even if I find my mileage ridiculous, because I keep quiet force password below 10km / h and it is not normal ....
I try to restart with a massage after 8h of race, it's going better, but it is the stomach that goes: hot tea, rest, and it's going better ....
I leave, the objectives are far behind but it is out of the question to let go, it's going better, I take a good look, I'm really at ease: phew, finally well!
Of the rocker 12h is passed and tile: large knee pain massage .... I'm leaving a tower and again pain ....
Conclusion: early synovial effusion is good ... Go stop is not worth aggravating thing ....
Disappointed, frustrated, disappointed, it really was not my day :-(


365 – 28th October: boucle - Breil sur Roya (06) www.aromsazur.com

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                           distance : 13,500 Km                    result:   1h 10mn 49s

comment : despite the rain, cold advertised on this race of 13.5 km of Breil sur Roya, not to mention my stinker burst, I had to test my knee ....
No pain, that is good, and not worry to keep a certain pace on the race still very hilly with a time of 1h10mn49s which is very correct after stopped 3 weeks and 38 ° fever ... lol!
Well, we'll see the marathon next week, but not more than 3:50 ....;-)

366 – 04th November: marathon - Nice / Cannes (06) www.marathon06.com  

the race on Google Earth        my race on Garmin connect

                           distance : 42,195 Km                    result:   4h 27mn 47s

comment : Well, I thought my knee was going to hold, I made a small output 15km the day without pain but today, after 07 km of racing I had the right to full, I can walk on (although course of the leg where the knee is fragile), twist my foot, but especially my knee .... Fortunately, Cath and another rider were there, otherwise I fall down like a pancake!
I keep hoping that it takes, but after 3 km the pain was too intense I let my companion and stopped to massage me a bit ....
Recovery trotted quietly, I get a friend and gives him a pace, while clenching my teeth, to finish in 4 hours or less, but 10km later the pain is more intense: I stop again to massage my knee begins to swell visibly.
I still have less than 20 km to run, I'll go quiet just to finish, while say hello the friends on the side of the road.
I am not tired at all but impossible to hold a steady pace without the knee reacts .... I end this year 2012 with this marathon and now it is almost 2 months of rest, and during this period I will devote myself entirely to the swimming pool and sea.
Appointment on 1 January 2013 on the waterfront of the French Riviera, for the classic "Deslagging Eve."

Have a good end of year!

367 –  16th December: cross amnesty - Valbonne (06) www.crossamnesty.org   


le parcours sur Google Earth        ma Course sur Garmin connect

                           distance : 11,000 Km                    result:   1h 02mn 37s

comment : recovery sneakers today for a small "cross" of 11km which in fact has just the name "cross", because a good half of the race was on asphalt or bike path, but a path still very fun between Sophia Antipolis and ... Valbonne.
I could test if my knee was better and I'm very satisfied because no pain, but for speed I got a little lost during the month and a half off.
Okay, it's not really my priority, and very happy with this output: it feels good and urge that I found my long trips!


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