Why a site about running ?


First, it's a pleasure to share unique moments that each of you can live at their own pace.

Running is the most democratic sport, and the one that you closest to nature.

I started running when I came to live in the south of France, in 1997 in the hinterland of the Var, and I discovered the paths through the woods, a rich nature, a quiet relaxing, clean air, a landscape out of time.... Running then became for me a way to escape, rejuvenate me.

One day I discovered a foot race held in my village, and by curiosity I join me while knowing nothing of the medium of sports. The result is not so disastrous, I'm in game and registration to other races in the region. During these races I discover not only a medium of sports humble and warm, but I also visit villages and landscapes that I would never seen otherwise.


Races by races, I extended distances, discovered the marathon, 100km, 24hrs, 6 days, without, of course, forget long trails with the Mont-Blanc and the Mercantour: these Ultras are the best means of escape I know, and I intend to continue this practice and give you all my sensations.


This site exists for you to share this and tell you that running is primarily a pleasure, and the "performance" is a fun option!



29th July 1965